5 Must Have Tips: Purchasing A Massage Chair at County Fairs

If you are feeling out the market for massage chairs, then consider going to a Home Show or County Fair. You may find massage chair vendors. We have had many clients buy massage chairs at Fairs, for instance, and then only have a series of problems. We checked into a number of these venues as mystery shoppers posing as serious buyers. Based on input from our customers and our own firsthand look, we offer 5 tips to avoid mistakes, so you get the best massage chair to meet your long term needs.

1. Massage Chair PC Boards are Important: Massage chairs use computer software and pc boards to run the massage chair. The pc board or motherboard is the key board that runs the major functions of the chair. The sub boards are important as well. Ask where the pc boards are from. You want them from either Japan or Singapore. These have advanced chip foundries to make top quality boards. Shoddy electronics will make parts of the chair to malfunction or not work at all. This requires expensive service calls to have replaced down the road.

2. Beware of Over Generous Warranties: Many of these vendors promise very compelling warranties. The question is: Will they be here tomorrow to honor that warranty? One way to find out is to ask the salesperson if they have independent internet dealers, (That doesn’t mean their own website or E-bay!). Or even better, do they have retailers that have physical brick and mortar locations (preferable a known chain store). If not, then chances are they may never answer your call down the road for help. (The number you have reached has been disconnected and there is no new number–beep!).

3. We Get Our Massage Chair From Panasonic’s Factory: One of our favorite sales claims is where the massage chair comes from or where it is made. Some of our customers told us that salespeople would claim to get their massage chair from Panasonic’s factory. This is a weird claim and we see it as a tactic to get you to believe somehow their quality is the same, but of course at a substantial discount to the Panasonic chair. Now, how could this be? It must be the same as the Panasonic, be careful!

4. Jack of All Trades, Master of None: Beware of vendors at fairs and home shows that sell everything but the kitchen sink. This is a sure sign of a one man importing machine. Now, I have a healthy respect for the entrepreneur, but one must specialize. I have seen booths with a couple of massage chairs along with a million other gadgets. It is like a one man flea market. These guys import everything and anything, especially what they just got a good deal on. Seriously, who knows what massage chair will be on the next shipment? They are armed and dangerous. Use Extreme Caution!

5. This is The Deal of The Century: We all know the saying: If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is! This is certainly true when looking for a massage chair. The major manufacturers offer show specials, so you truly can get a good deal. Where you must be careful, are the small time vendors. They bring in a cheap chair loaded with features and sell it at ridiculously low prices. Avoid the temptation of short term gain for long term pain. You may be buying a long string of breakdowns, long waits for parts (if ever) and expensive technician service calls. Be careful of the deal of the century!

With the help of our customers, we offer you these nuggets of advice when shopping at a home show or county fair. There are many excellent massage chairs at these events. It is a great venue to take a break and try one. You will find the major manufacturers at these events and can take advantage of their special show price. Just make sure if you are seeing too good of a deal, then dig a little deeper to avoid some of the pitfalls we point out for you.

We hope you found this article enlightening. Check out a Massage Chair Review on the best massage chairs available. We write Massage Chair Reviews on all the national brands. Sift through our massage chair review index, see our articles and see what massage recliner is right for you.

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