A Brief Look At Tanning Lotion Reviews

People often think of those with tanned skin as being healthy. Because of this, people try to obtain the perfect, bronzed shade. However, excessive sun exposure, such as the amount required to get a good tan, is bad for your health. It can cause problems from the purely aesthetic (wrinkles) to the seriously dangerous (skin cancer). Turning to tanning lotion reviews to find an alternative is healthier.

Sunless tanners have existed for a long time, but they didn’t work as well as the real thing and people didn’t know about the dangers of sun exposure back then. Now, they work better and there are many more scientifically proven reasons to avoid getting too much sun. Some work better than others, of course, and just like hair dye, they won’t fool everyone all the time.

For people who do want to hide that they use a tanner, however, there are gradual options that create a slight darkening that increases over a period of days. This is just about what would happen if someone went out in the sun and tanned for a while every day, which makes it easy to explain when someone asks about your new bronze shade. However, it should be mentioned that people are much less skeptical about using sunless tanners than they used to be.

A sunless tanner needs to be maintained – unlike a natural tan, it will fade quickly if you do not do regular maintenance. A tan obtained in the sun will last several weeks or months, while one out of a bottle typically lasts four to six days before starting to fade. This is because these products rely on dying the outermost skin cells, which slough off at about this rate.

All sunless tanners use essentially the same ingredients, which are safe but somewhat smelly. They can be applied in lower or higher doses, which correlates to gradual or instant products. They can also be applied as a spray, lotion, or gel. Some come on towelettes, which can be rubbed across the skin.

Using a gradual type allows for people to get used to the darkening a little at a time, and makes it less jarring when they look at themselves in the mirror. It also helps avoid streaks as the regular application tends to cover evenly over the course of the days that it takes to get to the final shade. There are some products which are simply daily lotions with a tanner added to them. This makes maintenance of your shade easy.

Although all tanners use the same ingredient for darkening the skin, some smell stronger than others. Some have added fragrances, too. It is recommended that potential users give their product of choice a sniff-test before applying it, because sometimes the smell of one or all products is intolerable to the person considering using it.

Finding just the right shade for your skin tone isn’t always easy, either. Tanning lotion reviews say that most people will need to test a new product on a piece of hidden skin before deciding whether they should use it all over. This is the only way to get a good, natural-looking result.

Learn more about the products intended for sunless bronzing when you read tanning lotion reviews. Many high quality tanning supplies can be found at online boutiques and shops.

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