All About Lasik Las Vegas Ophthalmologists Perform

It’s possible to undergo eye surgery that doesn’t involve blood, pain and a knife. It is called lasik Las Vegas ophthalmologists perform, and right now many people with certain vision problems are going for it. Below are some information about the procedure and what to expect when you undergo it.

Laser is employed to remove unwanted bits of tissues on the cornea, correcting its shape. A misshapen one is usually the culprit behind problems such as astigmatism many individuals are suffering from. The surgery is also used for correcting myopia and hyperopia. The results can be permanent, so the individual will no longer have to don glasses or contact lenses.

The operation is a quick one. It takes about 5 minutes for the specialist to do the operation on a single eye. The patient may be sent home right after, but with someone to drive his or her car. The patient should take a rest for a day, but many were able to get back to work a day after.

Pain is absent throughout the entire operation. The involved eye is instilled with an anesthetic agent beforehand. To keep the lids open, a speculum is used. The individual is wide awake during the whole procedure. One may feel like there’s an eyelash in the eye after the operation. It’s normal and rubbing is discouraged.

Although a surgeon’s scalpel isn’t involved, it’s still an invasive procedure. Certain complications are also around just like with other invasive procedures, although nowadays they’re very rare because of advancements on the laser used. However, you should still make sure that the ophthalmologist you’re going to consult is highly qualified to do the operation.

Not everyone suffering from astigmatism, hyperopia or myopia can have lasik Las Vegas ophthalmologists perform. The specialist will first check the eyes thoroughly. There are certain eye conditions which may cause an individual disqualification from undergoing this currently popular treatment. lasik las vegas

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