An Orthodontist In Astoria Can Straighten Adult Teeth With Invisible Braces

An orthodontist in Astoria can correct unsightly dental problems without the need for even more unsightly braces. Invisible braces make use of the latest technology to subtly improve smiles. They appeal to adults who would be embarrassed to be seen at work or in social situations with a metal-filled mouth.

Some people’s teeth grow out of the gums at the wrong angle or with uneven spacing. Others have upper and lower jaws of different sizes, resulting in an overbite or underbite. Crooked teeth or a bad bite can make chewing more difficult and less efficient. They can also make people feel self-conscious every time they smile.

Most people regard orthodontic braces as something worn by children. Many adults with problem teeth worry that wearing traditional braces would make them stand out as strange. Those whose jobs involve interacting with the public often fear that a mouth full of wires and brackets would ruin their professional image.

Invisible braces address common apprehensions about wearing an orthodontic appliance. They are worn behind the teeth where they cannot be seen under normal circumstances. Adults can feel confident speaking, smiling and laughing in public situations with no fears that anyone is staring at the hardware in their mouth.

The special braces are tailor made to each patient’s requirements. The orthodontist takes an accurate impression of the teeth. This is sent to a laboratory equipped with computer aided design and manufacturing technology. The lab creates a set of braces customized for a precise fit. Once the brackets are fixed inside the teeth, the braces apply gentle force to gradually shift them into the desired position.

To find out if invisible braces could be right for you, visit an orthodontist in Astoria. Your dental problems will be evaluated at the initial examination and you will be advised on the therapeutic options available. The doctor will be happy to answer any questions about treatment methods, timescales and costs. Orthodontist in Astoria

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