Applying To Volunteer At Children’s Hospital Las Vegas

The adult volunteering program at children’s hospital Las Vegas requires applicants to be 18 years of age or over. They should be prepared to commit their services for a minimum of 100 hours, over six months. That equates to being available for a four hour block every week.

The hospital encourages young adults aged 15 to 17 years to join their Junior Volunteer Program. They require permission from the volunteers parent or guardian before they can be considered. The time commitment is the same as for adults. The volunteer benefits in return from their learning experiences within a medical care environment.

The application process for volunteers can take 4-6 weeks. They complete and submit the application form and then have to wait for all the essential checks to be done. Criminal records, health records and references all need to be completed and verified. If the checks are satisfactory, the individual is interviewed before they can be allotted to a specific volunteer position.

Minimum orientation training provisions must be met by each individual before they can start work. Those over 18 are required to complete 4 hours and those under 8 hours, plus additional on the job supervision and training. Annual refresher training on policies and procedures is mandatory for all volunteers.

The individuals experience, skills and talents are taken into account when allocating them to a volunteer position. There are opportunities in clerical support, including the receiving and direction of patients and visitors. Alternatively, those with an interest in catering can assist with serving meals and refreshments to patients.

Children’s hospital Las Vegas volunteering program relies on the generosity of those prepared to provide their time and services for free. In return the volunteers have the satisfaction of knowing they are giving something worthwhile back to their community. In addition they are improving their social skills and learning new skills at the same time.

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