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Treating Eczema with Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

In my last post I covered the advantages of adding Coconut Oil in what you eat to help treat and prevent your eczema, in this post I’ll go into using it as a moisturizer instead. The procedure of properly applying Coconut Oil as a moisturizer is just like how you would apply any other lotion or cream but we’ll go into a few tips specific to applying coconut oil after covering the basics.

Eczema Causes vs Triggers

According to most sources Doctors do not truly know exactly what causes eczema. Abnormal function of the immune system is believed to be a key factor. Eczema is commonly observed to be common within family members, if one or both parents have it then it appears more likely their children will also have it. It might even be environmental but there is so much in our environments that is beyond our immediate control so it’s better to consider the other potential causes or triggers first.

Treating Eczema on Scalp

Treating eczema on your scalp can be a very frustrating experience. The scalp is particularly difficult to apply any kind of moisturizer, cream, or ointment to which is pretty much what all eczema treatments amount to.