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Tired of Cleaning With Toxic Fluoride Toothpastes: Try Blotting Your Teeth and Gums

Are you in the same boat as I was some years back? Fortunately someone put me in contact with a great dentist who solved my filling issues and then took time to clarify what I should do so I wouldn’t have to come back in six month’s. I’d never heard good information like this from a dentist before!

Parasites: Ten Facts You Need to Know

There are over a 1,000 species of parasites that may live in your body, yet tests are available for only approximately 40 to 50 types. So doctors are only testing for about 5% of the parasites and missing 80% of those. This brings the ability to scientifically find parasites down to 1%. Now, if I had a 1% prospect of winning a bet, I don’t think I would take the risk!

Remedies from Ancient Phoenicia: Provided the Traditional Way

As most medicines and drugs sold these days are mainly produced by formulaic industrial processes, it’s a refreshing change to learn that there are still certain preparations created the same way today as they have been for hundreds of years.

What do you think is lurking inside your next meal of sushi?

A professional Californian coastal fisherman opened my eyes to some of the darker aspects of fishing. On our trip together he hung several hooks over the stern of the boat, catching some small rockfish. Dissecting them on the cutting table he beckoned me over to see that half these rockfish carried parasites in the gills. …

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You’ve Got Hitchikers and They’re On the Inside

Parasites are the No. 1 killer in the world. Undoubtedly. They have been since the dawn of time and it seems like there’s little chance of parasites being toppled from their commanding position in the Grim Reaper League Tables. Here are some facts:

Constipated? Want to benefit from a non-invasive flushout?

Colonics in a Capsule

Tapeworm: wreaking more damage than you can imagine

Let’s begin by going back over 150 years. In the 1850’s a devout German doctor named Friederich Kirchenmeister was told about certain trials that were being carried out using parasitic worms. To this young, rural doctor who wrote papers on zoology and administered the local cremation business ‘Die Urne‘, this was indeed a most enjoyable event in his professional career