Balancing Fun and Routine

“Find the fun in exercise:” the best fitness advice that I can give anybody. My name is Jim Rollince from Gym Source, distributor of home gyms, including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, arc trainers, and much more! I work closely with personal trainers and fitness instructors, helping people to get in shape and stay healthy. And although I’m not a personal trainer myself, I do know that exercise, although as important as it may be, can sometimes be dull and routine. Throughout life, you’ll hear things like “learn to love what you do,” and “make the best of it.” Although sometimes accurate, it’s important that we do things we like. Learning to like, in my opinion, is much different from naturally charming an exercise that’s enjoyable. Routines can be easy, and not very strenuous; but after all, they are just routines. As practitioners of fitness and exercise, we should teach ourselves new things, while also teaching our body the same. This is inherently true with things like dance. More specifically, Zumba is an excellent example of something dissimilar, fun, and exclusive. The ability to genuinely enhance cardiovascular function and endurance, while practicing muscle memory routines effectively exercises the whole body. Moreover, it’s very entertaining! mountain climbing google commons

Entering into intramural sporting activities is another way to stay in shape while having some fun! This would include things like summer league softball, volleyball, soccer, et… Meanwhile, there are less strenuous athletic events like kickball tournaments. Some towns are even host to dodge ball events! Depending upon your competitive level, it may be necessary to enter into a B league, or perhaps even co-ed. This will surely be a primer for more intramurals to come – Leagues typically run all year depending upon each facility’s ability to house its competitors. But again, exercising doesn’t have to be routine, or highly competitive; so it’s with my last suggestion that I present to you outdoor activities. These are things like swimming, kayaking, tubing, jogging, mountain climbing, etc.. All of these activities are thoroughly enjoyable, and will shed calories. Although some of the above can be viewed as leisurely, they can be very effective ways to stay in shape. Treadmills and Ellipticals will shed weight and enhance muscle strength/endurance, but will never capture the soul and rhythm of dance, or perhaps the wonderment of climbing a mountain. Remember to pull away from your everyday fitness routines and home gyms. Pick up a class or two of Zumba, or sign up for an intramural soccer league, and be on your way to fitness pleasure and diversity!

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