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Lap Band ProcedureLap band surgery is among the generally accepted surgical techniques for weight loss. This text is going to provide you with some details about this procedure.Weight loss looks to be a distant dream for many , who try numerous ways for achieving the same. There are several kinds of diets, exercising plans and plenty of other techniques introduced with the purpose of weightloss. While some people find these techniques effective, others may not.

When all other methods fail, fat folk resort to surgical measures to lose weight. Even surgical procedures for weightloss are of differing kinds and stomach lap band process is one of the popular and widely accepted methods.

What is The Lap Band Procedure?

As mentioned above, lap band surgery is done as a weight loss method. But every person may not be deemed fit for this procedure. Patients who are in the age grouping of 18 to 55 years and are overweight for the last 5 years, can opt for this surgery. They must have virtually double their ideal body weight or have any heavy health issues that may be relieved by tackling obesity.

Lap band procedure is mostly done laparoscopically, however in a few cases, open surgery might be obligatory. This takes place when the patient has undergone an intestinal surgery or is intensely obese or has serious medical Problems. The patient is administered with general anesthesia and an inflatable silicone ring is positioned around the upper part of the belly.

So as to do this, the surgeon will make some tiny incisions on the belly wall and through these cuts, the surgical instruments are inserted. One of the incisions is employed for inserting a laparoscopic camera, which is placed within the stomach. The pictures send by the camera are displayed thru a monitor and the surgeon performs the operation thru the tiny cuts and based on the inside perspectives supplied by the camera. The surgeon makes a tiny tunnel around the upper part of the tunnel thru which the band is inserted and is locked around the stomach.

How Does a Lap Band Work?

Once the lap band is secured round the upper part of the gut, a small pouch, otherwise called stoma, is made at the top portion of the stomach. This stoma is small, as compared to the remaining part of the gut. Usually, the stoma can hold around? To a cup of food, while the capacity of a normal stomach is 6 cups. As the stoma can hold terribly less amounts of food, the individual feels full, even if he consumes food in low quantities.

As the stoma is secured with the band in the lap band process, fragments of food move to the bigger part of the belly, awfully slowly. A person doesn’t feel hungry for an extended period of time and this causes reduced intake of food, resulting in weight loss. The band is alterable as it can be inflated or deflated by introducing or removing saline solution. Fixing the levels of saline solution within the ring is typically done through an access port provided beneath the skin. The band is changed as per the duty and comfort of an individual. If the band is too loose, the person feels too hungry, as the food passes too quickly from the stoma to the larger part of the gut. If it is too tight, the food does not pass through the gut in the right way. Hence this band is adjusted many times by the surgeon, in order to get an ideal positioning.

The advantages of this method is it is less intrusive and more safe. It doesn't need any cutting or stapling of the belly, neither does it cause any significant change in the anatomy of the gut. It is adaptable, as specified in the necessities of the patient and is fully correctable. Lap band surgery complications like, infection, slipping of the band, gastritis, erosion of the stomach wall, internal bleeding may also occur. The price for this process may range between $12,000 to $25,000 and may fluctuate from one place to another. Value of lap band procedure includes the cost of corrections and fills that can range between $35 to $200. Even though, it is alleged to be a safe option, consider it as the last option and try other strategies for weight loss, before resorting to surgery. If you choose to choose this procedure, contact an expert doctor and ensure you understand all of the benefits and complications related to this process.

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