Beginning Your CPAP Therapy Treatment

CPAP therapy for sleep apnea helps a person breathe easier while they are sleeping. Continuous positive airway pressure therapy uses a machine that increases the pressure of the air in their throat. This keeps their air passage from collapsing whenever they breathe in. When one uses this therapeutic treatment, it allows them and their partner to sleep better. This is the most common remedy for sleep apnea, which is why this therapy was created.

This method is to be used while you sleep every night. With this machine a nose mask is worn through which the air passes. Other machines cover up the nose and mouth, but serve the same purpose. If you do not wish to wear a full mask or a nose mask, there is a machine that is also available with prongs that fit inside your nose. Any other method outside of the mask would probably require surgery.

Several types of CPAP machines provide air pressure that can be automatically adjusted. The force of air coming thru the machine can be the same or it can be set so the pressure from the air inhaled is different from the force that is exhaled. They are adjustable to fit your comfort needs.

One may not be comfortable with using the machine at first. If the discomfort is still there after some time has passed, a doctor can suggest another kind of mask or adjust the existing one. Moderate to severe sleep apnea are usually treated by using CPAP. It has also been known to lower blood pressure. If one has just a mild case of sleep apnea, this remedy may not work. They may have to find another solution.

There have been small problems that have been known to occur with the CPAP treatment. It could cause your nose to become dry and your throat to be sore. If the mask is not put on to fit correctly, air could leak out every now and then. Any issues that come up can be discussed with your physician to see if he can resolve them. If you have congestion issues he may advise you to take nasal decongestants.

At first, a physician will more than likely start the machine on a low air pressure setting that increases when you go to sleep. This will get one used to the air pressure in their nose and eliminate the discomfort that a lot of air can cause. For congestion the doctors may suggest nasal decongestants to help out.

Performing a sleep study is common in sleep apnea patients. In these studies you stay overnight at the hospital for your doctor to monitor your therapy. He may or may not increase the air. In some cases a humidifier may be suggested to help eliminate dry air.

Beginning your CPAP therapy treatment will take some getting used to, but with no problems or side effects adapting should be easy. This not only helps sleep apnea patients sleep better, but it allows their mate to sleep better too. Successful user experience a better mood and a full alertness when they driving. Continuous positive airway pressure not only improves your sleep quality, but it improves the quality of your life.

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