Boosting your Metabolism? Here are 5 Strategies That Can Help

I always had this notion that some people like me are just born lucky. I could eat as much as I want and still be thin, even underweight. My metabolism was just inexplicably fast.

Little did I know that I was not as lucky as I thought I was. I was leaving a hereditary disease called hyperthyroidism untreated and not so fortunately, symptoms such as heart palpitations started to appear. Hyperhyroidism was causing my metabolism to go crazy by overproducing thyroid growth hormones. Now, with both age and medications slowing down my metabolism, I am just like you trying to think of ways to boost it. I have identified 5 helpful ways to do this, despite age factors or any inborn illnesses:

a) Eat more meals but consume less with each meal. You know when there is a crisis and everyone just starts hoarding? Your body feels the same way when you starve it with less frequent meals as it has no idea when it can get resources to use again. It would then prefer to store rather than utilize energy.

b) Eat a heavy breakfast. After a good rest, your body was likewise in a ‘crisis’ mode for 7-8 hours, without food. Taking a heavy breakfast prompts your body to start using energy again and after hours of food deprivation, it will need more energy than usual. When you are done with a hefty breakfast, it is better to take lighter meals afterwards.

c) Skimping on water. We all know that water constantly hydrates your system. Skimping on water is skimping on the fuel that makes cellular activities, burning fat included, possible. Cold water specifically helps your body to use up more energy to regulate body temperature.

d) Watch what you eat. There are specific metabolic boosting foods that you can include in your daily diet such as beans and pepper. Ensure you also get lots of carbohydrates and protein to boost energy.

e) Do weight training or resistance exercises. Working out with weights is a good way to build those muscles which will help you burn calories faster than if they were fat.

There you have it, 5 simple but surefire ways to boost your metabolic rate. By diligently following these steps, you can easily take control of your metabolism and enabling it to be your ally, rather than an obstacle, in your weight reduction efforts.

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