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One of the best cosmetic dentistry treatments for teeth that are decayed and damaged is dental inlays. Made of composite resins or porcelain, this remedy is also called white filling by other dentists. These are tailor-made by your Ceres dentist to fit your problem tooth or teeth perfectly.

DDS stands for doctor of dental surgery. These individuals are as well trained as a regular medical physician. Here are some of the subjects that they study. Dentists study tooth composition. A tooth is made up of three main parts. These parts are 1) the enamel, 2) the dentine, and 3) the pulp. The enamel covers the inner workings and is made up of hard, durable white material. The dentine is sometimes referred to as the core and lies directly beneath the enamel. The pulp is the portion filled with nerves and blood vessels.

Dentists also study anatomy, physiology and chemistry. Not only is the tooth studied, but a dentist needs to know how the entire human body works in terms of muscles, blood systems, skeletal structures and chemical reactivity.

But if you’re careful about all the mentioned situations, inlays can give you very satisfying results. One of these is what’s said earlier – inlays are much better to look at than traditional fillings. Inlays look more natural and last longer. Each inlay can be bonded securely to the tooth surface, because each is custom-fit. This also allows, minimizes or even eliminates the possibility of bacterial infection.

Dental health is extremely important although most people do not realize it. Having dental insurance will allow a person to keep in good oral health as well as save money doing so. Insurance can be an added expense but when a person looks at the big picture, dental insurance provides a large amount of savings. Each insurance plan is different and should be carefully examined before purchasing a plan. If you have any questions about dental insurance you can see your Ceres dentist.

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