Certified Nurse Assistant Salary

What one takes back home is important for all the experts! Mostly, individuals look out for all those career choices, which are rewarding and satisfying in nature.

For becoming a certified nurse assistant, you need not care concerning the salary figures, as you will be awarded with a decent income for your servings. Your salary compensates the bucks you’ve spent for earning the certificate in nursing. Profitable salary deals have attracted individuals from different streams. Aging population of a nation and rapidly multiplying facilities are responsible for the ascending figures of CNAs’ salary packages, around the world. This is one of the quickest growing occupations, according to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). But to be a part of the field, you need to learn about the factors, affecting the salary of the CNA, like education, location or the type of facility.

Standard CNA Salary figures

In accordance to payscale.com, hourly wages of the certified nursing assistant (CNA) ranges from $8.39 to $14.37 and the annual figures were vary from 17,587 to $32,064. These are the average yearly figures of a CNA, which vary on the basis of different-different parameters.

CNA Salary after Many years of Practice

Like other professions, under this industry also the highest wages are earned on the basis of experience. With the increasing work experience in this area, there will be a steep rise in your earnings as well. To understand exactly where the CNAs will be, after a couple of years, have a look at the survey figures your self:

“More learning more earning”

Educational years spent in training have a direct effect on the salary figures of a certified nursing assistant. Professionals, who began their profession with a certification in high school technical programs, had been known to make the lowest wages (from $16,200 – $23,646). CNA’s with an associate’s degree earned between $11,000 and $30,000, yearly. To enjoy a good wage (between $16,988 and $50,000) in this occupation, individuals are expected to pursue a bachelor’s diploma in nursing.

CNA Wage in Metropolitan areas

Metropolitan areas of New York and California are recognized to supply the best wages to CNAs. Redwood City-San Mateo-San Francisco, the metro cities of California provide about $17.74 per hour, i.e. $36,900 yearly, to the CNAs. Suffolk-Nassau, Ny, may be the next option for these experts as these cities offer $16.79 for each hour, i.e. $34,920 annually to the CNAs. Average hourly and yearly wages of CNAs in Oakland-Fremont-Hayward, California are $15.84 and $ 32,960 respectively. While those searching for better options, choose to practice in Alaska also. CNA’s in the metro cities of Fairbanks Alaska, earn $15.85 per hour, i.e. $32,960 yearly. While, these experts earn $15.71 (hourly), i.e. $32,670 (annually), in the area of Wayne-White Plains-New York, New Jersey-New York.

CNA Salary in different Industries

Average yearly wage of a certified nursing assistant is different in different industries. Hospital is the best place for these professionals, as they can expect a wage range of $20,366 – $32,317 here. CNAs employed in nursing homes are recognized to earn salary in the range of $15,387 – $27,413. While, the professionals employed in assisted living facilities are known to earn the lowest wages (from $19,000 to $25,976) in this business. Home health Aide is an additional choice, exactly where you are able to earn from $16,120 to $27,541, yearly.

Continuing education might help CNAs obtain an advanced designation along with a much better wage, ranging from $19,612 to $34,590. The type of specialty (surgical treatment, medicine and intensive treatment), which one selects for practice also makes a difference within the salary figures of those professionals. Individuals searching for high salary packages should obtain some specializations as well.

To be a good CNA, you have to possess commitment to diligent study, dedication to excellent patient treatment, and satisfactory compliance with the profession’s laws including its training program and certification examination. To meet each one of these specifications join CNA programs in Fresno California today.

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