Chronic Fatigue and Its Connection to Fibromyalgia

It's not surprising that sleep doesn’t always come easily and while there's not ONE precise cause for the chronic fatigue or Fibromyalgia, research has shown that your fibro Might Have (at least in-part) been caused by sleep Problems.

There’s now medical proof that there's a connection between prolonged fatigue sleep Problems and a greater risk in women developing fibromyalgia or other fibro-like symptoms. The risk of developing fibro increased with the scale of sleep Problems and the organisation was stronger in women who were middle-aged and older in comparison to girls who were younger.

Dr. Tom Nilsen and Doctor. Paul Mork from the Norwegian Varsity of Science and Technology (NTNU) conducted a study to examine the impact of sleep issues in a group of women in Norway.

Results from the study disclosed that 327 women had developed the syndrome – representing a commonness proportion of 2.6% during ten years.


Doctor. Mork, explained:

“Our observations indicate a powerful organisation between sleep distraction and fibromyalgia risk in adult girls. We found a dose-response relation, where women who often reported sleep issues had a more significant risk of fibromyalgia than those who never experienced sleep problems.”

We’ve long known that nighttime awakening, fatigue and sleeplessness are common symptoms in individuals with Fibro but it wasn't until recently that we see medical proof of this vicious prolonged pain cycle in action!

A few of you may be thinking, “Well, this information would've been good to grasp years ago! I already have fibromyalgia so why do I have strong feelings about this research?”

You should care because, like my last blog post announced, your body needs to be BALANCED.

That implies you've got to take care of your physical structure, body chemistry, and emotional stability and sleep is an integral part of this! Bad sleep quality can place a strain on you and it will actually lead you to feel worse! After you look after your body (sleeping better, putting out the fire inside of it, moving and stretching, etc.) you can begin to feel happier, more fit, and your amount of suffering will essentially lessen.

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