Common Exercises For Treating Sciatica

If you are afflicted by sciatica, you have to take care of your back every day. Along with proper exercise, one must take care to make sure that there’s minimum stress on the spine. Make certain you have the right posture. Also determine that you are following ergonomics when lifting anything. Standing or sitting for boring hours at a push can lead to back trouble. Therefore if your job involves extended standing or sitting, make sure that you take five at regular intervals.

There are many safety suggestions you need to stick to, if you’re afflicted by sciatica. But, the most vital thing for back stiffness treatment is exercising. Though, it is very suggested that you meet a medical practitioner prior to starting with any exercising program. Make sure you consult a doctor in order to avoid negative consequences. Wrong diagnosis can aggravate the difficulty further. Make sure your exercise programme befits your condition. Do not be too tough on your spine.

Without correct exercising and movement, our muscles become tight, dry and less flexible. They cannot support the back and begin to hurt on movement. So aerobics and hamstring stretches help sciatica patients a good deal. A common sciatica exercise plan would include both core muscle buttressing and stretching exercises.

The majority of the sciatica patients have tight piriformis muscle. Piriformis muscle is a little muscle found deep under our buttocks, right at the rear of hip. It provides help in revolution of hip joints. So tightening piriformis muscle affects the movement of backbone also. To move this muscle, sit on the floor and open untouched leg in a straight line. Hold the ankle of ailing leg and bring it close to your chest. Stay in this position for Half a minute. Do 5 rounds of this exercise, provided it doesn’t irritate your symptoms.

For a good hamstring stretch, sit down on the floor and stretch out both your legs. Stretch out your arms so that they are parallel to both the legs. Now with your hands stretched, bend from your waist and try and lean forward. While you bend forward make certain that you keep your knees straight. Repeat this at least 5 times.

Another adaptation of the hamstring stretch can be performed by lying down on the ground on your back. Fold one leg at the knee and move it upwards to touch the upper legs. Keep the other leg straight. Use your hands to provide support to the bent leg. Now extend the leg at 90 degree angle and feel the stretch in your quads. Do this for 10 to Half a minute, depending on your condition. 5 sets of the same are adequate when you start off.

Try and perform these exercises as frequently as you can. They will only take up about 10-15 minutes of time. What’s more, you’ll see results inside a short couple of weeks.

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