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When purchasing a personal emergency response system (PERS), it’s important to consider the services as well as the cost. After all, a good medical alert system can save a loved one, while others may be more pain than gain. Here are some suggestions and questions to help get started on finding the best system that not only saves lives but saves hassle too.

Previous to getting a Medical Inform Program

The Federal Trade Commission advises all medical alert system buyers to review several different systems before deciding. See if the same system can still be used with other response centers, so that if a customer moves they can still receive the same benefits from the original provider. Also try out the medical alert at home and test its functionality in every part of the house, making sure that nothing interferes with the transmission.

Find a medical alert system that is easy to use, so that in an emergency the user can promptly and easily get the help they need. When comparing different systems, be sure to ask about the pricing, features, and services provided with each one. Some medical alert systems will automatically run a test each week to let users know it is still functioning correctly.

The response center is the hotline which instantly connects to users through their medical alert device. Some providers will have a 24 hour hotline, 7 days a week, but others will not. A medical alert system should be prepared to assist customers at any time. Be sure to ask about this service and seeing if the provider offers it, since medical emergencies can occur unexpectedly.

Also ask in regards to the regular response time, the type of training the response middle staff acquire, as well as the techniques the center takes advantage of to test the health-related alert method. How frequently do they test the technique? Also see if your supplier has its possess response middle, as several scaled-down suppliers are likely to outsource to other emergency professional medical inform reaction centers in order to save lots of costs.

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