Coping With Stress And Anxiety

It is very likely that at some point you have been in a stressful situation. Whether it was running for the bus, a big test coming up or public speaking for the first time it is likely you will have felt stressed. However this can be more than the occasional worry for some people. If you feel anxious a lot then you need to learn how to control anxiety.

Broadly speaking it is thought that stress originates in the primal psychological concept of fight or flight. In this context someone would be likely to be aware of danger such as a nearby predator. Therefore early survival instincts would prepare someone to either get away from the threat or combat it.

For some people they may not realize they have the condition until an attack happens to them. When one starts to experience the symptoms of this such as not being able to breathe, shaking and so forth it can feel quite shocking. This in turn then means that the person begins to worry about these symptoms.

Often this then creates a vicious cycle whereby a person becomes affected by both the physical effects but also the mental effect of seeing the physical manifestation of their anxiety. There are various ways to control anxiety. One of the ways you can work on this is by recognizing the thought process. It can be difficult at first as often the feelings occur when you are not prepared and the shock can make it difficult to adjust.

After you have experienced an attack you need to try and calm down. If you can try to think what happened before an attack occurred. Knowing what triggers is it and how it felt can remove the fear of the unknown. This will help prepare you for when the physical symptoms next appear and improve anxiety control.

One way of coping with this is to focus on your breathing. Close your eyes but do it gently. Doing it tightly will not have a relaxing effect. Take a few breaths by breathing in slowly and then breathing out slowly after that. Doing this a couple of times should help you to relax and regain composure.

There are other methods that can help with stress and anxiety triggers in the longer term. Yoga and meditation are good ways of helping to keep calm and allow people to maintain a calmer mental approach. There are a number of ways to control anxiety. More exercise can also help, especially as it often means people can sleep better, another aspect that can affect stress levels.

If you have tried these methods and you are still struggling with learning how to control anxiety then you may wish to consider talking with your doctor to see if you can get relevant counselling. This can help you to deal with any issues that may be affecting you both in mental and physical terms. It is also worth looking online for forums and videos that can offer further guidance on dealing with stress.

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