Cosmetic Dentistry May Be The Answer

Cosmetic dentistry Rockwall can help with a variety of special problems affecting the teeth and gums. Crooked and chipped teeth, yellowing, and misalignment of the bite are just a few of the many problems they are able to address. Some of these issues can affect the entire face or lead to more costly and damaging dental problems.

Bleaching or whitening, as it’s often called, is probably the most common type of treatment people seek from these specialists. Over time, teeth or even a single tooth can turn a dingy yellow or brown do to excessive smoking or coffee drinking. Various chemicals, including over the counter treatments, can be utilized and recommended to return teeth to a brilliant white.

When a tooth is lost, a fixed bridge can fill in the gap with a natural looking replacement. This is a permanent fixture that is treated as a normal tooth, attached to the adjacent teeth for stability. Partial dentures are also available for multiple gaps, and can contribute to healthy gums.

Sometimes a tooth may be uncomfortably long, affecting both smile and chewing. If a tooth is out of place, shaped wrong, or too crooked, reshaping tools can be used to correct the problem. Sometimes this can even prevent costly years of braces, brackets, or retainers which can take a long time to correct the issue.

Certain wrinkles in the face are caused by loss of vertical dimension, which in turn is caused by loss of tooth height. Acid reflux and grinding while sleeping can cause enamel breakdown, and eventually, loss of tooth mass. This can be corrected by raising the bite to its proper position, which can affect the look of the entire face.

It’s worth looking into cosmetic dentistry rockwall, particularly for problems like bite misalignment or missing teeth. No matter the reason, specialists are waiting to restore smiles and self-confidence with experience, compassion, and efficiency. Consider a consultation to determine what can be done to rectify a wide range of dental issues.

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