Different Types Of Hot Tub Spa Covers

Getting a hot tub or spa can be a terrific thing for rest, yet without hot tub spa covers, you may end up expending more time cleaning it, than bathing in it. With out an excellent cover and some other add-ons, you will have all kinds of particles floating in the water in a short time, and everything that goes into it can change the quality of the water , and also boost the development of bacteria. Why risk it when an excellent cover can address the problem right away?

The Variety Of Available Hot Tub Spa Covers

Hot tub spa covers these days come in a variety of forms and designs. To know which one might be the great for the unit, consider how often you run your tub spa, and exactly where it’s located. Those that are placed outside within the open air will need their covers to be made of sterner stuff, because they have to endure not just wind, rainfall, and snowfall, however the sun itself. You will want covers made out of durable components that will not easily absorb the moisture coming off of the steam, because this could speed up their degradation.

Indoor hot tub spa covers are generally utilized more for safety than protection , so heavy material that can’t be very easily cut would be better, and also secure locks for the indoor and outdoor spas. Security indicates keeping people out, even when you are not home , as well as performing what you could to prevent unintentional drowning by keeping your unit off limits to both young kids, and animals. Currently, covers are available in a variety of styles and components, and there’s also some good add-ons that you could purchase to make utilizing these covers less difficult.

Conventional Covers

Typical hot tub spa covers generally come with an insulating foam insert, a thick water vapor barrier, and flexible tie down straps that could withstand outdoor risks like high winds. Round the edges of the foam insert is support within the form of a 20 gauge C-channel aluminum wire rim made to hold the cover in place when it is secured. The foam core will likely add reinforcing durabilitystrength to the cover, should something drop on it , or children jump on it. There are a few drawbacks to using foam inserts , because they can easily absorb the moisture from the steam after some time, and become fragile.


Standard covers are made from whether quite heavy canvas for outdoor use, or vinyl and polyester for indoor use. Alternative materials in some of the newer models now include wood covers that roll-up quickly, and are perfect for use in outdoor models. With a foundation of closed-cell polyethylene, three inch slats are laid around it, joined with aluminum links to make an easily folded and removed cover that could be tied down in much the same way as the other kinds. These hot tub spa covers easily match over many openings, because the inner layer could be altered to match safely.

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