Discover Laser Therapy For Female Hair Loss

It is not unacceptable when a man begins to go bald. In fact, there are many who find bald men appealing. However, when a woman begins to bald it is embarrassing and shocking. For female hair loss DC area residents have several solutions available.

Laser therapy uses a five step approach to stop the process of balding. Women can now grow healthier, thicker locks with the help of laser therapy. This treatment combines the use of non chemical technology and cosmetic laser.

In 87% of patients, balding has been retarded and growth has been encouraged without surgery. The new laser therapy for balding is painless and is without side effects. This treatment has been shown to be successful in both men and women. Women can now enjoy a healthier head of locks than they ever could have imagined.

This new therapy was never even thought of ten years ago. Women invested in wigs or scarfs since there was no treatment for female baldness. Transplants were typically performed on men and not always successfully. In fact, the result only masked the balding to a certain point. Additionally, the transplant was painful and noticeable during healing.

Over time a number of remedies have been available to address baldness that have mostly been aimed at men. When it comes to a good solution for a balding scalp, women have not had much success as men have had. With the new laser therapy and technology, females now have access to a solution that is proven and simple.

When it comes to solutions for female hair loss DC offers the new laser therapy to offer. This painless procedure is a proven method of stopping hair loss and encouraging regrowth. This is a non surgical procedure that does not use chemicals and is very non invasive. It is a solutions for females and males.

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