Discover Meditation And Yoga For A Happier Lifestyle

There has always been a mystery about meditation and yoga. But here is a simple introduction to an activity that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is easy to begin to adopt a calmer and healthier life.

Originally, yoga had spiritual or religious associations but you do not have to have any particular beliefs to practice. It has been a common routine for all kinds of cultures over the years and is not exclusive. Anyone can be involved.

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that involves a series of poses or asanas, breath control and meditation. A mantra accompanies the more formal meditation practices. If you wish to follow this form then choose a word or phrase that has a particular and personal meaning for you. Just sit quietly and continually repeat the word. If your mind does begin to wander then bring your focus back to your chosen word, your mantra. Begin to associate your mantra with an inner peace.

People who follow yoga take up poses or shapes that will help them to relax. Perhaps the locust and cat pose are the best known. Others are the butterfly, the cobra, the lunge and the cradle. These positions will help your posture and strengthen your body at the same time.

Meditation has many different forms and is pursued by both different cultures and different religions. However, there are features that are common to all kinds of meditation. Focusing your awareness and paying attention is the basic premise. A person who meditates is concerned with bringing the body and the mind into a harmony. They are trying to achieve inner peace.

Followers believe that increased concentration will result from focusing the mind. As a result of this they perform better at work and at play. The senses will be heightened in all areas, whether in music or art, sex or food. A more real sense of enjoyment ensues. The mind begins to become calmer.

The basic principles can be learned very quickly. First of all, make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position with a straight back. Take a deep breath and follow the breath. You can do this at any time of the day. If you choose to meditate in the morning you will benefit from having had sound sleep. Your mind will not yet be thinking about other concerns or worries. You may prefer your lunch break or late at night before you go to bed. The same time of day helps you to get into a fixed routine.

Find a comfortable area to meditate. You can walk around but there may be other distractions. Choose a place with happy memories or special vibes. You could set up an alter if you choose a room in your home. This will assist your concentration that should result from a better focus. An alter may not necessarily have a religious focus although you can place sacred scripts on it. You could also include personal pictures, flowers, candles or statues. Wherever you choose for meditation and yoga, you will find a satisfying and disciplined form of relaxation.

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