Discover Why Central Florida HIFU Surgeons Use Helium To Thaw

HIFU which stands for high intensity focused ultrasound is a form of therapy administered by Central Florida HIFU doctors from Urology Health Solutions, Inc. that uses thermal energy that is highly focused to cells that suffer a particular pathology such as tumors with an aim of destroying them by burning. Central Florida HIFU surgeons mainly employ this technique also known as thermal ablative therapy to treat tumors. The process needs to be complemented with other imaging modalities to aid in precision so that normal tissues are free from injury.

In addition to using focused heat on treatment of tumors, these surgeons are also employing Cryotherapy, a procedure in which the cancer cells are destroyed by freezing them. The process involves passing tiny needles directly into the tumor then argon gases are passed into the needles after which helium gases are exchanged in place of argon. The argon gas passed through the needle is usually highly compressed and has an extremely low temperature causing a cooling effect that makes the needle ice cold enabling it to destroy the nearby cells.

Helium on the contrary has a warming effect that raises the temperatures to higher levels causing what is describe to as thawing to the initially solid frozen cells. This is called a freeze-thaw cycle and it is very important for optimal effectiveness and success of this therapy.

This form of cryosurgery is able to accomplish the treatment goal through the intense stress cause to target tissues by the rapid falls in temperatures and lack of time for them to adapt to this change. Lowering of the temperatures to below zero has a direct effect on the environment surrounding the cells. Ice crystals form that makes the cell to shrink and get damaged in the process. With further decreases the intracellular environment begins to solidify making it impossible for cells to survive.

The freezing part of the cycles must take at least 10 minutes to adequately destroy the cells that may be resistant in the first few minutes. The function of the slow thawing effect caused by helium is to prime the cells for another cycle of freezing so that all cells that might escaped the first attack are targeted.

There is a shifting trend by surgeons to the use of this kind of therapy because of the minimal patient invasion involved. Unlike most surgeries that usually involves cutting the skin to open up to patient and exercising the abnormal tumor tissues, this therapy involve a needle injection directly to the target site. This decreases the needs for admitting patients and prolonged hospital stays after operations. Patients also prefer this mode of treatment because it is less painful.

This form of therapy began long time ago in the mid 1850s by an England doctor called Arnott James who first discovered it when he observed that using a salt solution mixed with ice crystal on patients with cancers brought relief and even cure. The numbing effect made it be used in the theaters for anesthesia but it was later modified to become therapeutic.

HIFU clinicians use this therapy for managing wide range of cancers. The most applications have been in treating prostate and renal cancers especially by urologists. There are additional studies going on the efficacy of cryosurgical treatments for cancers of the liver, thoracic and even bone among others. Call a top Central Florida HIFU doctor from Urology Health Solutions, Inc. for your treatment options.

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