Easy and Effective Tips on How to Deal With Hyperactive Children

Hyperactive children are often reprimanded for the disruption they cause at home and in school. However, punishment is not always the best way to address this particular problem. Sometimes the child is confused and has a valid medical condition that explains his erratic behavior. Employ instead these quick tips on how to deal with hyperactive children the best way possible.

1. Breathing exercises. Even we adults know that deep breathing exercises are good calming techniques we can use in stressful situations. Teach the hyper youngsters to take deep, measured breaths through their noses and exhale through their mouths whenever they start to get upset.

2. Exercise. Give hyperactive children an appropriate venue to give vent to their seemingly boundless energy. If you feel he is able to cope with it, let him join a team sport that will allow him ample opportunity to interact with other individuals. Also, jogging is a good activity that will calm his mind. The rhythmic pounding of the feet in jogging will help bring the mind in focus.

3. Touch. Touch is very helpful in calming down people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Lightly massage their back or the temples of their heads. Smoothing back the child’s hair in a soothing manner will help avert disorderly behavior. Keep in mind though that this should be done only as a preventative measure. Sometimes an ADHD person in the throes of a fit gets very upset when people come to close and touch will only aggravate the situation.

4. Having a journal. Journaling is allowing the child to channel their emotional energy into constructive thoughts and ideas. It will also isolate the problem and point out the cause of their distress for the day. Encourage journal writing on events that happened during their day.

5. Expressing oneself through creative outlets. Put together an activity box which contains things that will develop the child’s creative skills. Put in colored markers, crayons, building blocks, clay and problem solving puzzles that will put their mental faculties to good use. Hyper children are actually often smart kids who just need to refocus their mind and energy better.

6. A tranquil environment. Loud and incessant sounds can agitate the already excitable youngster, so choose the programs you let your child watch and regulate their TV time to a minimum. Make use of soothing music and long warm bubble baths to lower their sometimes intense stress levels.

Diet is also a major factor in a hyperactive child’s life. Excessive sugar will only increase his already high level of energy. Eliminating unnecessary sugar like soda and too much candy in his diet will go a long way in keeping him at a more manageable frame of mind.

Remember that learning how to deal with hyperactive children will not take overnight. Often, it requires a process of trial and error that is not always pleasant for all parties concerned. Keep on doing what you can and loving them unconditionally-the pay-off is worth the price.

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