Eat and Be Fit-Foods for a Flatter Stomach

So many people are falsely made to believe they should limit their food intake to obtain a flatter stomach. This really is generalizing by citing food as the overall main culprit. The more appropriate action must be to limit food intake that does not aid in curbing stomach fat in any way.

Instead of going hungry, the healthier choice would be to eat foods that can help you have a flatter stomach to substitute the foods you eat which do otherwise. However, I’ve come across a lot of these food lists out there that it is hard to remember which can really do the task. I have identified 7 of the known strategies and used mnemonics by coming up with 7 B’s to help you have a better recall:

The initial 2 B’s would be to identify fruits for a flatter stomach. Two most helpful fruits are bananas and berries. Bananas keep belly bloating away, which is also a main cause of extra weight around that area. With its potassium rich content, bananas regulate the salt that contributes to water retention ultimately causing bloating.

Berries, including strawberries or blueberries help control blood sugar levels which is a factor for fat increase in the abdomen. They also improve your body’s resistance as they contain powerful antioxidants.

Two other fat burning B’s are beans and broccoli. Both of them are rich in fiber that aids your excretory system to remove wastes easier. Beans also generate enzymes that really help your system eliminate stomach fat.

The fifth “B” refers to your most crucial meal of the day: breakfast. The need for breakfast cannot be underestimated and one major reason is that it accelerates your metabolism after having a long period of inactivity. By firing up your metabolic process, it likewise prevents stomach fat build-up.

Last but not the least, how your prepare your meals also plays a role in building a flatter stomach. Choose baked and broiled foods as an alternative to fried ones. Baked and broiled cooking maintain foods in their natural, healthier state better in constrast to deep frying your foods. Of course, make certain that other ingredients or sauces you add do not defeat your own purpose by watching their sugar and fat content.

These are 7 B’s which are healthy for yet another “B”–your belly. Keep them in mind and you are on your journey to a flatter but still fuller stomach.

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