Eczema Causes vs Triggers

According to most sources Doctors do not truly know exactly what causes eczema. Abnormal function of the immune system is believed to be a key factor. Eczema is commonly observed to be common within family members, if one or both parents have it then it appears more likely their children will also have it. It might even be environmental but there is so much in our environments that is beyond our immediate control so it’s better to consider the other potential causes or triggers first.

There’s a lot of debate regarding whether or not Eczema is truly caused by food allergies. Some believe that dairy allergies, gluten intolerance, or even some food additives are among the causes eczema. Whether or not food allergies are an underlying cause for eczema doesn’t really seem to matter though since most are in agreement that food allergies can be a trigger for eczema flare-ups, the bottom line is that the food you eat may lead to eczema flare-ups. The task of finding out which of these factors may be causing your eczema can be tough considering the number of potential factors there are.

There are many things that are considered to be triggers of eczema, not necessarily things that are believed to cause eczema, but these things may trigger flare ups in those who have it. Some common triggers include soaps or cosmetics, foods, jewelry, detergents, sweat, and other skin irritants. Even stress can be a trigger.

With all the possibilities and the fact that you could be affected by any combination of them you may not be able to figure out exactly what’s causing your eczema, but if you pay close attention to your environment and what you eat you could be able to figure out the most common triggers for your flare-ups.

Hot Baths or showers Foods like Milk, Eggs, Nuts, Soya, and Wheat Anxiety Perspiration Dry air Pollen Pet dander Hard water Some fabrics that clothes are made of (example: wool) Detergents or soaps House dust mites

Take careful notes regarding which foods you eat and when you get flare-ups, see if you can find any patterns. If you do you then try eliminating that food from your diet for a while and see what the effect is on your flare-ups.

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