Foot Diseases That A Podiatrist Austin TX Can Treat

A Podiatrist Austin TX is a medical practitioner who specializes in treating diseases of the foot and lower leg. After graduating from the school of podiatry, a podiatrist can work independently or with the government in hospitals and clinics. The average salary of podiatrists is between $85,000 and $95,000 but they can earn more if they work independently. Podiatrists treat ailments such as ganglion cyst, hallux limitus, bunions, callus, corns, diabetic foot infection, diabetic neuropathy, hammer toe, tailors bunion and sever’s disease.

Hallux Limitus is a problem that is common on the joint of the big toe. In most cases, it occurs as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Wearing tight shoes especially when there is already an injury on the joint can cause hallux limitus. This explains why footballers usually have arthritis on their toe. Podiatrists should be immediately contacted once the signs are noticed.

Itching, blisters, peeling and redness of the foot are signs that you may have developed athlete foot. This condition is commonly called athlete foot because it affects most athletes and other people who adopt their lifestyle. Athletes and indeed most other professionals wear shoes for a long time thereby providing warmth, moisture and the dark environment for fungus to operate. As a result, dry your shoes regularly if you will be out with it for a long time and report any unusual occurrence to a podiatrist.

Apart from athlete foot, another condition that can cause itching is dry skin. When the skin of your foot is dry, it can cause other problems if prompt response is not given. If the case is not severe, dry skin can be treated by using the right creams and soaps.

Warts disease is a foot condition that can spread to other parts within a very short time. Wart is caused by virus and it makes the victim to feel pains. Many people, including those that sell drugs over the counter are unaware of the right treatment methods for this so it is in the best interest of the victim to seek the professional assistance of a podiatrist. Depending on the level of the infection, podiatrists may carry out surgery or choose to freeze or burn the wart.

Diabetic foot infection affects people with diabetes. This problem can lead to amputation if prompt attention is not given to it. Signs of diabetic foot infection include red toe, swollen toe, presence of fluid from the toe and bad smell. Podiatrists can determine the extent of the ailment by conducting blood tests, x-rays and wound cultures.

Toe nail fungus (also known as onychomycosis) is a condition that changes the color and thickness of the toe nails. Toe nail fungus affects more than twenty percent adults in America. This condition can be caused by a number of factors such as untreated athlete’s foot infection, wearing ill fitting shoes, wrong pedicure practice and wearing dirty socks.

The podiatrist Austin TX is very knowledgeable in his work. If you need any kind of attention for your foot, you can either go to the hospital or fix a date with him at a more convenient place. Podiatrists in Texas will be willing to meet you at home, especially if the foot problem will not allow you to visit the hospital.

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