Getting Off Cymbalta Does Not Need To be Tough

For hundreds and thousands of people Cymbalta has allowed them to find comfort and peace for neurological conditions, depression and foreboding aberrations, however for many of these individuals getting off Cymbalta hasn’t been as easy. Cymbalta withdrawal can take place when coming off the drug if the correct procedures aren’t taken. Withdrawal cravings can be mild to severe and can cause the user to feel absolutely terrifying.

Cymbalta is a medication available by prescription only. It is manufactured by the Eli Lily corporation and has received FDA approval for adults 18 years of age and older. It’s one of the most trusted medicines available and works within just a few short weeks to minimize the evidence of the conditions noted above.

Withdrawal can occur any time the medication is stopped all of a sudden. This can be whether it is planned or not. Withdrawal symptoms can occur inside a few short hours of the last dose of the medication. The most typical withdrawal symptoms of Cymbalta include revulsion, dry mouth, tiredness, fatigue, trots, dizziness, decreased appetite, and increased sweating.

Even though you can begin to feel better after taking Cymbalta it’s very important to remember it was given to you to treat a condition and stopping it all of a sudden can cause the original symptoms to return, possibly worse in addition to cause the withdrawal issues to occur. If you feel that you’re ready to cease taking Cymbalta you should first talk with the doctor who prescribed the medication.

The doctor who prescribed Cymbalta for your condition will evaluate your requirements and decide whether it is time for you to stop. If you’re ready to stop taking the medicine he’ll work out a scheme to continuously discontinue the drug, permitting your body time to regather. This’ll help avoid Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms from happening.

Amber Holewinske is a long time Cymbalta and Suboxone user. She was able to get off Cymbalta with the help and support of her doctor and family, and is here now to educate you on Cymbalta symptoms and the right ways of quitting Cymbalta.

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