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  1. Do You Want to Stop Sweating So Much So You Can Live a Normal Life?


    Adrian Tanner

    Do you need to find out how to stop sweating so much? In today’s society where appearance means everything, and confidence is the key to getting you where you want to be, it is important that you always look your best. If you are one of those people who, unfortunately, suffer from excessive sweating, maintaining confidence could be a problem.

  2. Don’t Give Up Your Active Lifestyle Because of Incontinence


    Alfred Blaine

    When many people think of incontinence what comes to mind is someone that is restricted to their bed. However, there are many incontinent people who are completely healthy aside from their bladder issues.

  3. Cure External Hemorrhoids – Three Different Methods to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids For Good!


    Rosie Sanders

    Can you cure external hemorrhoids? Most definitely! Hemorrhoids can be gotten rid of forever using one of several different methods. Keep reading for more information!

  4. Cleaning and Taking Care of the Respironics EverGo


    Scott C Ridl

    Taking care of your EverGo is easy and will it extend the life of your unit and keep it in operation as long as possible. Caring for your EverGo is trouble-free as long as you follow a few guidelines.

  5. Simple Ways to Be Healthy


    Sanjib Sarkar

    A healthy lifestyle can really help you avoid going to the doctor. Healthy people recover quicker from ailments and typically have a longer life span. If you live a less than healthy life, organizing a new routine of health-conscious initiatives can seem drastic and overwhelming.

  6. Is Being Short a Problem?


    Wayne Hoyte

    This article looks at the social and emotional impact being short has on people. The world is made up of people who are all different. Unless you have an identical twin it is very hard to find two people who are both the same.

  7. What Are Hemorrhoids? Help and Advice For Hemorrhoid Sufferers


    Alexi Reade

    This is one of those circumstances which if we are honest we do not want to talk about let alone mention in detail. However, it is one which affects probably fifty percent of the population of over fifty years old. This condition is often a short lived occurrence, although for others it can be a very incapacitating and continuing condition.

  8. Nail Biting – How to Quickly Kick That Nasty Habit


    Joe Falcon

    Nail biting is a common problem that, like all bad habits, can be overcome. Follow these steps and with some time and effort you will kick this disgusting pattern.

  9. How to Cope With Heavy Head Sweats – Powerful Tips to Stop Facial Sweating


    Frank Bean

    Knowing how to cope with heavy head sweats is something that a lot of people want to achieve. It’s really one of the more embarrassing conditions that you can have because everyone can easily spot it.

  10. How Does Iontophoresis Work – Is it Really That Effective?


    Frank Bean

    So how does Iontophoresis work and is it really that effective in controlling your excessive sweating? In this article we’re going to cover what is Iontophoresis, how does it work, and other important things you need to know before trying them out.

  11. The 3 Rules to Follow When First Experiencing Colitis Symptoms


    Michael Tasker

    They can appear quite quickly, gain strength over a short period of time and ultimately have the effect of changing your life forever. It is not uncommon to dismiss them when they first appear as a little inconvenience that will fade quickly, attributed to some bug or other. Yet with the first sight and feeling of colitis symptoms, action has to be taken to start the defence against what can be a very challenging medical condition.

  12. Continence Problems and Why Women Have a Leg Up Over Men in Treating Them


    Hillary Bowman

    Continence problems are not an everyday worry unless you have one or you know somebody who does. Women however, are better prepared to correct the condition than men are. Find out why childbirth actually prepares women for dealing with this problem later in life.

  13. Breathing Exercises Can Improve the Strength of Your Lungs – Discover How to Do it Properly


    Simon Kendal

    What matters here is that when you do breathing exercises it can help improve the lungs and its capability to process the air that you breathe. Since breathing problems and breathing techniques are somewhat a big issue in the world of medical science, the regular practice of breathing exercises has a good advantage in the overall health of every person.

  14. How to Tell If You Are Dehydrated


    Blaine Moore

    Hydrating yourself while working out is very important because your muscles need water to function at peak efficiency. The adage goes, Don’t wait until you are thirsty to start drinking, because by then it is too late. This quick tip will show you how you can determine your level of hydration without having to rely on your thirst.

  15. What Exactly is a Candida Die-Off?


    Angie Lindsey

    What people know is that it is yeast cells dying in large amounts but what symptoms will that give you? In a nutshell, they make you feel as if you’ve been poisoned or are full of an infection, because candida, as it dies, gives off 79 different toxins.

  16. Uses of Medical Masks


    Reshma Rangaswamy

    It is known to everyone that medical masks are an important part in maintaining hygiene in the area of health care. This equipment belongs to the category of medical tools known by the name personal protective equipment or PPE. The medical masks are present everywhere in a health care establishment, right from the operation room to the general outpatient unit.

  17. Healthy Aging – Your Well-Being in the Workplace


    Paul G Strachocki

    There are workplaces that can adversely affect health. So what jobs are bad for the health?

  18. Hemorrhoids Home Remedy Review


    Christian Walker

    If you’ve tried more then one type of hemorrhoid home remedy, then you realize the differences between them. I will review each of the most popular types of hemorrhoid home remedies there are and tell you why they do or do not work.

  19. Costa Rica Medical and Dental Tourism Overview


    Albert Grant

    Costa Rica is home to highly trained doctors and surgeons that provide superior quality health care at a fraction of the cost compared to the United States. Every year loads of patients visit the country to receive medical, surgical, dental and cosmetic surgeries. With growing health care costs and reduced medical / insurance coverage, going to Costa Rica to have optimum medical care is a viable and an alluring option.

  20. Components That Make a Personal Training Program Effective


    Andrew Fodge

    I am going to outline the proper components of an effective program. fitness does not just happen by freestyle workouts, there must be intensity, consistency and accountability.

  21. Are Your Nursing Assistants in the Know About Incontinence?


    Linda Leekley

    Nearly 20 million Americans experience some type of incontinence in their lifetime. Chances are, your client population includes people with this common problem.

  22. Why My Child is Anemic


    Archana Darshan

    Anemia is not a disease but rather a symptom. It makes children listless and pale and they feel tired all the time. But, the condition is easily treatable. Watch out for warning symptoms to nab this energy stealer.

  23. To Fart Or Not to Fart? That is the Question


    Tiffany Fleur

    You are sitting in the car making out with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you suddenly feel that otherwise relief giving urge: gas is trying to get out of your body. What do you do?

  24. The Three Most Important Factors in Growing Taller After Puberty


    Hayden Carter

    Even though it is entirely possible to gain between two and four inches in height after puberty, there are three core factors that can make or break your success. By adhering to these three critical, fundamental variables you will find that growing taller as an adult will be much more successful.

  25. BMI Body Mass Index For Different Types


    Martin Gover

    Obesity is a sever health risk. The illness called ‘early death’ being a normal result. Another factor is where on your body the weight is, as fat is different depending on where the fat cells are. Check also with your doctor or a reputable gym on your body fat (depends on your body type). But here are some general guides.

  26. Protect Your Stomach to Keep Fit


    Ivy Shawn

    Stomach is one of the most important organ for us. If we want to live a healthy life, we should pay our attention to protect our stomach. In fact, if we have do something properly, it would be quite easy for us to keep ourselves fit.

  27. Understanding the Head Lice Cycle


    Kevin Gators Johnson

    Probably you are one of those people infested with crawling parasites on your scalp when you were still in grade school or even until now you still have casual encounters with lice irritation. Head lice can affect anybody, children and old men alike; though lice are more prevalent for girls, boys can be infested too. Do you know where these bugs came from?

  28. Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Personal Health


    Veronica Osborne

    We all want to live our life to the fullest and avoid a number of potentially adverse health problems that could prove problematic to our lives. And while most people would agree to the importance of such a pursuit, they may not realize how to go about improving their personal health.

  29. Abnormal Hair Growth – A Blessing Or a Curse?


    Craig W Jacobs

    Hair loss is a nightmare everybody would want to forget. Some women are undergoing a different kind of problem which is not so publicized. It is abnormal hair growth. This hair growth is seen on other parts of the body besides the head.

  30. Does Black Tea Stop Sweating? The Real Truth Behind Black Tea


    Frank Bean

    Does black tea stop sweating is an easy question to answer. For everyone who has tried this alternative to control their excessive sweating, it simply works. Deodorants and over the counter medicines are not your only options to manage excessive sweating. There are plenty of alternative remedies that wouldn’t put a hole in your pocket or bring harmful complications.

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