Help health and fitness question ~!!!?

Help health and fitness question ~!!!?

please help new here and this does not count for a grade

A. Test used to measure flexibility
B. The elasticity of muscle groups
C. Test approved by the president of the United States
D. Measures muscular endurance
E. Measures muscular strength
F. Measures coordination
G. The ability of muscles to perform work over time
H. The capacity of muscles to generate amounts of force in a short period
I. The body's ability to do several different tasks at one time
J. The ability of the heart and lungs to be active over a long period of time

1. Presidential Physical Fitness Test (1 point)

2. Muscular endurance (1 point)

3. Muscular strength (1 point)

4. Cardiovascular endurance (1 point)

5. Flexibility (1 point)

6. Coordination (1 point)

7. Curl-ups (1 point)

8. Push-ups (1 point)

9. Sit and reach test (1 point)

10. Shuttle run (1 point)

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