Help Me Study By Reducing My Stress

Stress Is Everywhere

Everyone experiences stress. Stress can be both good and bad depending on the level of stress experienced and the result it creates. When it creates focus and action it can be a good thing. But when it creates anxiety, tension and a feeling of being “overloaded” it is obviously a bad outcome.

However, the way in which each individual reacts to the stress they feel can be very different. Let’s face it, we can all be impatient, get frustrated or cause needless conflict with others based purely on how stressed we are feeling.

High levels of stress can really obscure our judgement and result in us behaving in ways that we would not otherwise behave. Behaviors such as anger, aggression, frustration and edginess all result from high stress levels. This change in behavior almost always impacts on the people around us – whether that is school mates, other friends or family members. However it can also impact total strangers if we are stressed enough.

When stressed behavior becomes a regular action, it quickly turns itself into a habit. That’s right – stress can become a habit. A habit that’s hard to break and a habit that has no redeeming features if left to rule our lives.

Therefore, this is a habit that needs to be reversed. Why? Well those with high stress levels creating high amounts of conflict in their life will find it very difficult to reach high achievement levels at either school or in life.

The Problem: The Voice Inside Me Puts Me Down

Negative self-dialogue is a consistent reaction to stressful situations. Responses such as “I can’t do this”, “I am going to fail”, or “I don’t know what I’m doing” only add further stress to the stress that is being experienced! It is a downward spiral. Unfortunately, this type of dialogue is also our most powerful dialogue and controls our responses to stressful situations.

Among other things, negative self-talkers tend to believe that others are out to get them in one way or another (even though they clearly are not), see positive events in a negative light (which also brings others down and means they don’t strive for positive outcomes because they think positive outcomes are actually negative outcomes!) and they also believe that their life is “full of stress” which they can’t “handle” (even though the stress is actually just created in their own head).

However, when negative self-talk becomes a powerful force it has the ability to completely overrun the individual and can result in a lonely experience (because everyone has removed themselves from the negative person’s presence). In order to address this, positive self-dialogue needs to become the new habit.

The Solution: Be A Positive Pete

Positive self-talk (just like negative self-talk) is an extremely powerful force if harnessed correctly. When thinking positively about life and being in a constant state of positivism about yourself and others around you, your life will become a far more enjoyable experience. Those who use positive self-talk actually create a better life for themselves because their outlook greatly impacts on the actions they take. Again, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – but this one works for you, never against you. Amazingly, a habit of optimism and positivism can actually bring you a much brighter future.

Keep in mind that a negative attitude breeds more negativity. So the opposite is also true. Improved relationships, improved health and improved grades are all results of simply changing your self-dialogue. Don’t believe me? Try it! Use words such as “I can do this”, “I will do this”, “I can do anything I put my mind too”, “Life has a way of working out for me”, “Things always happen for a reason”, “I am not discouraged”. This requires no effort other than constantly being positive about yourself, your situation and everyone around you. Do this for at least one week and your outlook will have changed dramatically. Not only that, but those around you will appear to change as well. Why? Well you be treating them differently which will cause more of the same.

If you don’t know why you’re stressed out you wont be able to understand how to resolve it. It’s easy to blame external forces like school, or your teachers, or your parents – but often it really comes down to how you internalize the stress and allow it to take hold of you. Only be examining what is really stressing you out will you be able take charge of the situation. To read the full article and find out more please follow the links below. Good luck! is the best resource for learning new study skills, transforming your study habits and finding the best study tips available – and even better – we show you how to study. Help Me Study | Study Skills. This article, Help Me Study By Reducing My Stress is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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