Helpful Advice Anyone Can Use To Quit Smoking

Everyone who smokes realizes that quitting is in his or her best interests. Has any smoker ever extolled the great health benefits of smoking? An ex-smoker knows what hard work it is to quit, while a non-smoker has no idea. Keep reading to see what works to quit.

Make a mantra of the top reasons why you are quitting smoking. Every time your resolve wavers, repeat the reasons you’re quitting until you don’t crave tobacco. This is a strong way to take the physical and mental focus away from your nicotine withdrawal symptoms and put it on the things that are most important to you.

Your doctor can help you quit smoking. He can advise you about prescription medications available to help you and may even recommend things such as antidepressants to help with emotional withdrawals. Aside from informing you of various smoking cessation medications, he or she can also let you know about support groups and other resources in the community that may be useful.

Think about some important sub-goals, such as staying off cigarettes for a week, and decide on rewards for reaching those goals before you reach them. Keep a list of possible rewards you will give yourself when you make it a day without smoking, or a week, or a month, and so on. Put that list in a visual location so that you will see it every day. This will give you the motivation you need when you feel like giving in to temptation.

If you’re attempting to cease smoking, you need to consider the different challenges you may face when you first stop smoking. A lot of people who manage to quit, end up smoking again after a few months. When you are stressed out or tired, it can sometimes be mighty tempting to smoke a cigarette. Know what triggers your desire for a smoke.

Instead of smoking, exercise. After working out, the body releases endorphins. These make you feel better and are a great distraction from cigarettes. Exercise also helps to compensate for your metabolism slowing down as you quit, which will help you minimize the weight gain you experience.

If smoking a cigarette is something you cannot avoid, at least try and stall for time before lighting up. For example, require yourself to take a long stroll before you give in and have a smoke. If nothing else, pour yourself a big iced tea and promise yourself to finish drinking it first. By delaying your actions, you find that you really didn’t want that cigarette after all. If you still feel you need that cigarette, delaying it may mean you will be smoking at least one less on that particular day.

Avoid relying on other vices to quit smoking. Do not kick your habit for someone else; do it for yourself. If someone nags you about your smoking, don’t pick up another vice to spite them. If you find something to replace smoking with, you might forget you’re quitting altogether.

One of the best methods to stop smoking is to use a nicotine replacement therapy to aid in your quitting. The effects of nicotine withdrawal can cause depression, moodiness and frustration. Additionally, the cravings can cause extreme discomfort during the day. Using a nicotine replacement therapy will help you to battle against the temptation. Studies have proven that those who use nicotine patches, gum or lozenges have double the chances of successfully quitting. Be careful not to use these products while still smoking, though.

The first step of any program to stop smoking is making the commitment to see it through. A lot of smokers have a hard time quitting because they are not approaching the issue with the right mindset and do not have enough motivation. Always remember why you wish to quit to keep yourself motivated.

When you have a smoking urge, try the delay tactic. With the delay tactic, you tell yourself that you will have a smoke in just ten minutes and go do something else. After those ten minutes are up, distract yourself with something else. Generally, a 10 minute delay will be all you need to get over the urge to smoke. If you still feel the urge, repeat the process! Tell yourself you’ll wait five to ten minutes before smoking.

Give yourself a reward everyday that you abstain from cigarettes. Eat a special food, purchase a new garment, go to a play or movie or purchase music you have been wanting. Celebrate your milestones!

It’s clear that quitting smoking doesn’t need to be impossible or terrifying. Self-esteem and willpower can get you through quitting smoking, so apply the preceding insights to your daily life today. You might just surprise yourself by what you are capable of when you really put your mind to it!

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