Hip Exercises For Flexible Hips – Exercise Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Health

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Hip Exercises For Flexible Hips – Exercise Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Health

Many hip fractures could be avoided if hip exercises were a part of any individual’s exercise routine. Hip muscles are difficult to enhance and more so than the abdominal muscles.

Hips can benefit from an exercise routine and make them more flexible in a painless fashion. Three hip flexing exercises should be a part of your daily exercise routine.

One exercise is to lie flat on the floor and then raise both your legs and arms simultaneously. Keep them in the air as long as possible. Hold this “V” position before returning to the original position, inhaling and exhaling correctly.

The next exercise would be to lie on a bench making sure your lower body isn’t on the bench. The upper body is on the bench and the lower body is on the floor. Start crunch exercises by allowing your knee and shoulders to meet halfway.

Balance is needed as you can fall off the bench when doing a crunch. This exercise is also good training for stability.

When you are riding your bike, you move your hips and legs. You can simulate this movement by lying flat on your back. Bring your right arm and left leg together, squeezing to the left. Pretend you are biking in a laying down position.

When squeezing to the right, bring your left arm and right leg to touch each other.

When doing these exercises, your abdominal muscles and hip flexibility will be noted.

It is important to make sure that you don’t strain your upper back muscles as you flex your hips and bend your knees. Breathing correctly is also very important.

Your hips will become more flexible as you perform hip exercises for hip flexibility.

Repetitions will vary on your body’s strength. Wit
h flexible hips you can manage your aerobics and resistance workouts more safely.

By: JP Davis

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