Three More Exercises for Hitting Harder

This post gives you three exercises you can do in your exercise routine which will make you stronger and permit you to transfer that power directly over to punching harder.

Sledgehammer Workout. Swinging sledgehammers for building muscle, strength, conditioning and striking power was a tremendous secret of the old time boxers. Men who could hit ACTUALLY hard. It’s also symbiotic with the kettlebell swing. Working a total body explosive movement with heavy stress on the shoulders, wrists and abdominals. Teaching your body the correct explosive sequencing to hit harder while at the same time building its physical powers.

Isometric Strikes. There are lots of tactics to do this, but I’m going to share with you one way. I put a chain around an immovable object (low for kicking, high for striking), and attach either a strap to put around my foot or a handle to grab with my hand and then as closely as I most likely am I able to simulate the exact path a properly thrown strike would take pulling against the chain. I make sure that my body as well as the limb that I am striking with follows all of the actions that a correctly thrown strike would take. I’m employed the isometric along multiple parts of the trail of the strike starting at the generation and going out along a link or 2 on the chain till I get to the finish. Be certain to work both hands or legs. And you can hold for whatever time or reps you see fit, just work it hard.

The Dennis Rogers Lever Wrist Curl. I am probably not supposed to let this cat out of the bag, but I’m going to sneak around and share it with you. Dennis is as you know, likely one of the planet’s foremost authorities on wrist strength. He has some absolutely unique exercises that you will be hearing about from him pretty shortly. I’m going to share with you an exercise of one he taught me, because I believe it’ll be one of the greatest hand and wrist strengtheners you’ll ever do and because it is going to be a huge key towards reinforcing your hand and wrist movement to protect it and power it for fantastic punching.

Dennis does it with a short barbell, but I like to do it with a dumbbell just for convenience sake. What you basically do is overload one side of the bell by 3 to 10 pounds dependent on your strength and the length of the bell you use. You then perform an ordinary one arm wrist curl with it. Alternating between the overloaded side being on your thumb side or on the pinkie side. By doing this you are bolstering the wrist, but essentially performing a levering and wrist curl at the same time. The unbalanced load puts additional stress on the fingers as well making it a really complete hand strengthening movement. Powerful and a lot of bang for your buck.

Add these into your routine and you will be able to double your striking power.

Bud Jeffries is the founder of Strongerman. You can find much more on his site from strongman training program to martial arts strength training.

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