How State Smoking Bans Effect Smokers And E Cigarettes Are Helping Smokers

As a result of the activity to pass laws that ban smoking tobacco products, most work areas, businesses, and other public places have taken it upon themselves to create a non-smoking environment. Smokers realize that those who do not smoke find the smell to be offensive, and therefore abide by the rules of approved smoking area. However, here are some ideas as to how state smoking bans are effecting smokers, and how e cigarettes are helping smokers avoid the bans.

Not only do smokers have an addition to nicotine, they have been labeled as Third Class Citizens by these new legislative measures. Anyone who has never been addicted to nicotine is unable to realize that smoking is also a physical habit of reaching for the pack, and lighting a smoke. This physical part is what makes it even more difficult to stop smoking.

“Habit forming” is actually a misleading term when applied to tobacco smoking in that the nicotine is an addiction which is as severe as being addicted to heroine. The act of smoking is the only part that is habit forming, and is what makes it even harder to quit the addiction. Distinguishing between the two is where these laws are not addressing the other issues.

The e-cigarette is an electronic device that resembles a cigarette. It appears to produce smoke, but really only produces a vapor. The e-liquid that is used in these devices do not contain the thousands of toxins found in cigarette tobacco. University studies find that there is no measurable nicotine found in the blood stream of people who inhale an e cig’s vapor. The electronic cigarette may be a perfect alternative to the common cigarette problem.

The U. S. Government tried and failed to prohibit the use, sale, or production of alcohol. There is no chance that a law will stop people from smoking somewhere. Smoking is an addiction as well as a habit. People are addicted to the nicotine, but they have a physical habit of reaching for a cigarette, lighting it, and taking a puff. Smokers just happen to keep feeding the nicotine addiction in the process. Laws may govern what constitutes ‘clean air’, but no laws will ever break any addictions.

With the e-cigarette there is hope for a compromise between the two camps that nicotine can be delivered to the smoker without causing harmful exposure to non-smokers. These electronic replicas use drops of liquid that are heated by an element which turns them into a vapor that looks like smoke, but is not. Until there is proof that these vapor clouds actually cause any second hand smoke effects, the e-cig could be the answer to selective habits.

The most impressive thing about the e-cig is that it does not have any of the thousands of reported carcinogens found in traditional cigarette smoke. There is nothing other than flavoring, and a person’s choice in milligrams of strength in nicotine. Should research continue to prove that there is no measurable amount of nicotine in the ‘smoker’s’ blood after taking a puff from these devices, then this product could be the end all for methods to quit smoking.

There are millions of smokers around the world who do not want to quit smoking. They enjoy it, and for them this new product offers the best of all choices. Other people who smoke have used the e-cig to successfully stop smoking. There is no reason to deprive others a chance to decide whether or not the e-cigarette is for them.

How state smoking bans are effecting smokers, and how e cigarettes are helping smokers avoid the bans is very simple. These electronic cigarettes provide the perfect solution to both sides of the issue, and allow smokers to continue until they choose to quit. Those who object to smoking anywhere will not even notice any smell that resembles that of a cigarette, or be exposed to harmful chemicals.

With all of them state smoking bans starting to come out, we can’t see how any smoker will survive out in public. This is when the e cigarette comes in handy. Besides, this is the safe alternative to smoking.

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