How The Modern Skincare Formulations Of Today Can Affect Skin Repair [Nude Cosmetics]

The human body is a true marvel of evolution. The healthy supple skin that contains, protects and defines it, is never so beautiful as when it is entirely nude. Cosmetics, chemicals, the sun’s radiation, our harsh work environments, not to mention the natural depredations of time all work to diminish the vitality of the skin. As we get older our skin begins to lose its youthful resilience and the lives we lived, and the things we’ve done remain like ghostly palimpsests.

While it is impossible to actually turn back the hands of time, modern skincare formulations have made it possible to mitigate some of their effects and help restore the skin’s natural resilience and vitality. Here are just a few of the commonly used skincare terms associated with modern skin repair products.

## Probiotic or pro-biotic

Probiotics refer to a wide spectrum of microscopic organisms that live symbiotically throughout the body and bestow beneficial (and in some cases essential) effects.

## Bio-available

When a compound is referenced in terms of its bio-availability what is being referred to is the percent of the active element which is absorbed by the body and available to enter into the system for which it is intended.

## Bio-compatible

A material that’s said to be bio-compatible is capable of interacting with the cells of the body in a neutral, natural manner without provoking any toxic or allergic reactions. The more bio-compatible a material is said to be the fewer potential deleterious reactions to it.

## Ethical

Of course, this doesn’t so much reference a product’s potential impact on the body so much as its impact on society and the environment. Whenever possible you need to be looking for skincare products that have not been tested on animals, whose ingredient have been ethically sourced, and whose packaging is as recyclable as possible.

When you’re thinking about various eye creams, hand creams or face moisturisers read the literature carefully whether it is a recognized brand like the UK’s Nude Cosmetics or a smaller, lesser known brand. Know what it is you’re putting on your skin and understand the claims that are being made.

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