How to identify someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol

There are many reasons to be concerned about someone you think has an unhealthy addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction can lead to severe consequences for an addict including permanent physical damage, legal troubles, and even death. The best way to have a positive impact and help someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol is to learn to identify the signs of addiction so that you can reach out and offer help as soon as you recognize the signs.

Every addict is different and drugs can affect us in a number of different ways. Look for signs of addiction in one or all of these three areas. Physical changes, changes in everyday activities, and changes in psychological viewpoints and reactions can all be negatively impacted if a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

3 warning signs of an addiction problem

An addict’s physical condition will begin to deteriorate immediately and eventually there will be obvious physical signs of drug use. In the early stages of a person’s drug use you may notice signs while they are impaired and as they are coming down off the drug. Physical signs can vary and include changes in an addict’s skin, teeth, and hair. Drugs affect you sleep and eating habits that can also lead to physical changes.

If you begin to notice someone completely change their social group, hobbies, and work habits, those changes could be behavioral signs of a drug problem. Addiction overwhelms the addict’s life and becomes their number one focus. An addict usually knows what they are doing is wrong and it becomes necessary to hide their actions from people who were in their life before their addiction developed. Most addicts are unable to maintain good grades in school, or hold onto a job for an extended period of time. Drugs and anything that helps an addict get them are usually their number one priority.

An addict is actually changing the chemical make-up of their brain every time they put a drug into their body. The effect of this can be drastic changes to the user’s personality. Many users react violently to situations they otherwise would have been able to control themselves in. Other emotional changes are also common. Feelings of fear and anxiety may also present themselves randomly and for seemingly no reason at all.

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