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Feb 26

How To Recover Contact Lenses After You Have Dropped Them

If you own contact lenses, it is likely that you may drop one at one point. Obviously, it isn’t your intention to drop your contact lenses, and you’ll likely curse yourself for doing it whenever it happens, but it will happen just the same. Contact lenses are a popular choice among many people who need to wear corrective lenses because they enable you to maintain that natural look of no glasses while still correcting your vision.

The act of inserting contact lenses and then removing them is a pretty delicate operation that definitely leaves the door open for some mishaps; and since dropping contact lenses is going to happen from time to time, perhaps learning how to pick them up safely is the best way to go about it.

It’s important that your contact lenses are always moist to avoid dry eyes, but this will also increase the likelihood of having them slip through your fingers when handling them. There will always be that first moment of dread when you’ve realized that you dropped it, but it doesn’t have to last. If you were following the manufacturer’s suggestions and were leaned over the bathroom counter, it probably fell onto the counter and shouldn’t be too hard to find. Naturally, leaning over the sink could pose its own problem so it’s probably best to stay over the counter part.

If you end up dropping contact lenses on the floor or some other surface, the first thing you should do is nothing. That is, if you drop the contact lens on the floor or anywhere, don’t start moving because you’re likely to step on it. Look down and try to locate it on the floor. If you can see it, you’re all set but if you can’t, take a step away from where you think it would have landed. Contact lenses aren’t very heavy and they shouldn’tend up too far away from where you dropped it.

Next, bend down to your hands and knees to locate the contact lens. Once you find it, proceed with caution. If you just grab it between your thumb and index finger, you may scrape it across the surface it’s on and cause damage. Instead, wet your finger with contact solution and touch it to the top of the contact to pick it straight up. Another way to pick it up safely is to slide a regular sheet of paper underneath the contact lens and carry it over to wherever you want it to be. To make finding dropped contact lenses easier, it might be a good idea to purchase tinted contact lenses. These kinds have a slight tinge of color to make them easier to locate when you drop them. Try not to use saliva or tap water to wet your finger when you pick up dropped contact lenses because it will increase the likelihood of bacteria getting on the lens.

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