Lower Your Cholesterol Conveniently Through These Tips

Over a hundred million Americans have high cholesterol levels. Maybe you do have high cholesterol, or know somebody else manifesting the effects of such.

High cholesterol is a condition that can happen to anybody. Try 20 percent of Americans, based on most surveys. This is a widespread concern that can often be traced back to heredity. So even though having high cholesterol may not be your fault, it’s still very important you treat it now.

A high cholesterol level is usually the harbinger of bigger problems such as heart disease. Heart disease is a known killer, snuffing out a life every half-minute, more or less.

Everyone should have their cholesterol levels tested to know if they are at risk. Maintaining healthy eating habits and exercising regularly may lower your cholesterol levels.

Consider these tips – just a few of the many ways you can fight high cholesterol.

Stick with the basics. And that would include incorporating vegetables, or raw fruit (not dried or processed) into your everyday eating habits.

Reduce your intake of harmful fat. Read the label and discern its true meaning. Just because a label says “low saturated fat,” “low cholesterol” or “cholesterol-free” does not necessarily mean the product is low-fat.

Eat healthy side dishes. Fruit, not fries, celery, not chips, parsley, not pizza slice.

Poultry skin is VERBOTEN. You might as well eat poison due to its high cholesterol level.

In addition to eating right, ask your doctor about dietary supplements that can aid you in your fight.

Some medications are derived from six selected plants that work in concert to help normalize cholesterol levels.

That’s right – Lo-Chol ™ is a herbal supplement that contains no extracts whatsoever. Best of all, it has the approval of the U.S. FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for all the benchmarks necessary in ensuring you get the most out of your supplements. Through Lo-Chol ™, a supplement that contains the entire plant rather than just its essence, it has been reported that people can lose up to 60 percent cholesterol, or an average of 30 percent for everybody tested.

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