Manage Hemorrhoids Condition With The Use of Flaxseed

Your anus along with your rectum are covered with hemorrhoidal blood vessels. As soon as these veins are stuffed with blood, it could cause pain, swelling, and results to a medical condition called hemorrhoids. These blood vessels usually become inflamed as a result of intense level of strain put within the rectal region often as a result of pregnancy, obesity, sitting or standing for an lengthy period, diarrhea and constipation. Internal hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum and these do not show any signs and symptoms except when it protrudes outside of the anus. External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are often very painful. Given that constipation usually result in straining when moving bowels and is also subsequent to the development of hemorrhoids, it is vital for individuals who are susceptible to the ailment to make certain that their feces are maintained soft to stop straining.

About Fiber

Everyone knows that fibers is a certain kind of carbohydrate that the body cannot breakdown. Despite the fact that dietary fibers can supply the body with ample volume of nutrients, it is deemed as an essential component for the health of the digestive system, as it provides volume to the intestines. This volume allows the waste products from the body to move easily through the intestinal tract and helps keep regular bowel movements. It is helpful in reducing the risk of having hemorrhoids, thereby preventing the formation of hemorrhoids. Fibers can be found in various varieties of foods, like fruits, greens and whole grain products. Ground flaxseed can be another beneficial way to obtain fibers and needs to be included to your regular eating routine.

Benefits of Flaxseeds

Flaxseed is extracted from the flax plant that is valuable for both its fiber contents and heart-healthy fat, thereby considered as one of the best hemorrhoids treatment. Flaxseeds must be grounded so that you can acquire its healthy contents. Flaxseed can supply the body ample amount of soluble fiber that may function as stool-bulking and laxative agent, which can be both helpful in alleviating and preventing bowel problems. Ground flaxseed are sold through your local health store or you can ready your own by purchasing seeds in bulk and milling them on your own. Although the oil obtained from flaxseed can offer the body with various supplements, it does not have the fiber contents of flaxseed, so flaxseed oil is probably not helpful against constipation and hemorrhoids.


According to experts, in order to keep your feces soft with your bowel movement relaxed, it is recommended that you add flaxseed in your food intake to minimize the risk of bowel irregularity, together with the development of hemorrhoids. Whenever possible, you must include 25 to 30 grams of soluble fiber to your diet. In case you are not used to taking in this amount of dietary fiber, you may gradually maximize your intake to stay clear of bowel problems while your intestinal tract are still adjusting. You can begin by having 1 teaspoon of flax to your cereal each morning and gradually increase it to at least one tablespoon and so on. It is also important to drink plenty of water while increasing your fiber consumption, as water is vital to add more mass in your stools as well. You should also seek the guidance of a dietitian in devising a diet program that will match your hemorrhoids affliction.

If you are often encountering hemorrhoids, it would be best to seek the assistance of your health care provider for proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Your personal doctor can provide you adequate information regarding various hemorrhoids, such as external hemorrhoids.

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