Managing Diabetes on a Budget

Diabetes is not only debilitating and potentially deadly, it can be quite expensive to manage. It is bad enough to learn you have a potentially life-threatening disease, but to add salt to the wound you soon learn that managing the disease is going to cost quite a bit of money.

What costs so much is the daily checking of blood sugar levels.

In order to properly manage diabetes, people need to constantly monitor the level of glucose in their blood. This monitoring requires diligent checking using blood glucose machines, diabetic testing strips and lancets. The machines also require maintenance and the diabetic testing strips are disposable and require replacing.

Many diabetics require insulin and insulin is not cheap! A diabetic using insulin can easily go through hundreds of dollars each month just in medication cost.

For some people, the cost of these supplies and medication can be too much. Some diabetics have to forgo testing or insulin because of the expense. This is a sad but true scenario.

If you have diabetes and are struggling to afford your supplies there are alternatives.

Checking into the government run health insurance may be a good alternative.

If you can obtain government assistance for your diabetic supplies you are very lucky. These programs often give you everything you need for a very low cost.

Diabetics who cannot get help from Medicare often find relief of the high costs by buying generic diabetic supplies. These supplies monitor your blood just as well but cost a lot less. The advertised brands are not any better at measuring your blood sugar, they are just a lot more expensive.

You can get either no-brand or big-brand diabetic supplies on the internet for a discount. Some diabetics don’t use all their prescribed testing strips and they are glad to get a little bit of their money back and help others by selling them online.

If you “google” your brand of testing strips, you will find many alternatives online to purchase them. The price is so much lower than your local store, you may never go back. Diabetics willing to accept slightly damaged boxes can get even deeper discounts.

If the cost of diabetes is getting you down, check out the savings you can get on the internet.

Joanie Westin was recently diagnosed with diabetes and is now determined to find alternatives to the high cost of diabetes management. She encourages those with extra blood glucose strips to sell blood glucose stripsso that other diabetics can get the supplies they need. She also encourages us to stay informed with the latest events about diabetes. Check out resources for diabeticshere.

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