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Today cancerous growths can be perceived way before the appearance of any symptoms that are harmful to human thanks to the advanced equipments. A physician will undertake a procedure known as screening which helps to determine whether there are any traces of the tumor. Before undergoing the cancer screening Houston, it is vital to know why the process is of great importance. The procedure is very crucial since it assists doctors in detecting the tumor before it gets out of control.

The process has some advantages and disadvantages. However the process may be confusing whether the process helps in eliminating danger to human or not. This is because of some results that are achieved are not clear or may be wrong.

The tests that can be taken are different. A hospital may use physical examination or the health history of the patient. The overall health history of a patient is checked, with examination of lumps or any other form of growth in the body. Earlier illnesses and health habits are also examined to ascertain the possibility of any growth. This process is not very accurate which explains why it is not common.

Laboratory test is the most effective when it comes to detecting cancer cells. The test is carried out using blood samples and urine or various tissues from the body. The test uses antibodies releases in reaction to cancerous cells.

Cancerous growths lead to genetic mutation of the cells. This means that genetic tests can be of great assistance while looking for the abnormal cells. Screening is beneficial to an individual though it has some ricks attached to it. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know more about the procedure, the advantages, and disadvantages.

Use of mammograms helps in detecting breast cancer. Pictures are taken through x ray or ultrasound showing the various organs of the breast. The pictures will assist the doctor in determining whether there is any abnormal growth inside the glands. The procedure is highly recommended for people above forty years and above while the young need guidance from a qualified doctor.

Cervical cancer is tested through a procedure referred to as Pap smear. A doctor will take to the lab samples of fluids from the cervix. This is necessary in order to test for the human papillomavirus that is the cause of the problem. For sexually active women the test should be taken after three years since the start of sexual intercourse, while for those who are yet sexually active should have the test at the age of twenty-one. Test of the colon and the rectum are also necessary.

If interested in taking part in the cancer screening Houston, you need to seek assistance from your medical doctor. The doctor is in a better position to explain to you why the procedure is important and some of the negative effects of the procedure. With such information, you can then decide whether to undergo the process. The internet is the best place to look for more information about cancer and the different preventive measure.

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