Myths Surrounding How To Get Ripped Abs Quick

We all want to work out how to get ripped 6 pack abs quickly! Washboard, killer, ripped 6 pack abs. You’ve seen all those great looking guys with perfect midsections who are lusted after by women and make other people’s jaws drop with admiration. If only we could do a hundred sit-ups a day, then it would be possible to get the perfect abs that we want, right? Well, sadly no!

Myth alert!

It would appear that not everything we hear from so called “experts” or have overheard in the public areas of the gym are true. Maybe the reason we are not getting those perfect 6 pack abs is because we are not doing it right. Then that would be a terrible waste of our time. So obviously we need to be able to distinguish the myths from the facts in order to get the 6 pack abs we want.

Six pack Myth 1: The muscles in your abs are somehow different from regular muscle.

Muscle is muscle, fact. Abdominal muscle is pretty much the same as our triceps or quads. The only difference is where they are situated. Abdominal muscles are not resting on a bony surface, instead they rest against the stomach and intestines. There is no significant difference in their make up whatsoever.

Six pack Myth 2: Strong abs means a strong back.

The key to a strong back are well balanced abdominal muscles. You can work your abs, but no more and no less than you work your other muscles throughout the day. There seems to be a heavy emphasis on working your abs, this heavy emphasis is often misunderstood to be the main contributor to good health. These ludicrous tv commercials often give the false belief that by working out just one part of your body, and developing 6 pack abs, you will miraculously transform your overall health. This is not only untrue, but potentially dangerous.

Your training plan should not just be concerned with one part of the body. What you need is an overall body fitness plan to be healthy.

Six Pack Myth 3: You have to train your abs every other day.

They say that you need to train your abs hard twice a week. That gives them the proper time for recovery. The key is to choose exercises that fatigue your abs, so that they actually need recovery time. Include exercises that use the abs functionality. Since abs are used to stabilize the body, holding a push up position without letting your body sag will really work and develop your abdominal muscles.

Six Pack Myth 4: To gain results, high repetitions are required.

The key to abdominal gains is to work to muscle overload. If you aim for abdominal endurance, the more crunches you do each time, the more you can do later on. It does nothing to actually strengthen the abs very much, however, it will eat up most of your time. The key is not the number of reps you do it’s the level of intensity of the reps you do. That’s the real secret to how 2 get 6 pack abs quick.

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