Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes For The Menopausal Woman

Natural remedies for hot flashes are a gentler way to treat menopausal symptoms. Women have been going through this since the beginning of time and alternative treatments have been in place since then. These solutions may now take the form of capsules or tinctures. These herbs can also be consumed as tea.

Sage is one of these herbs that is known to relieve symptoms. One cup of freshly boiled water poured over two teaspoons of dried sage prepares a cup of relief. Once the sage has steeped for a five minutes, add honey to sweeten and drink. This tea can be made with fresh sage leaves instead. If choosing the fresh leaves, use around a quarter of a cup.

The phytoestrogen content in sage alleviates night time sweating in women and in some cases prevents it. This aspect of sage works in solidarity with its other live properties to prevent night time discomfort. This is a part of the beneficial composition of sage.

Similax regelii, also referred to as Sarsaparilla is used in treating symptoms. The brew is most suited as a skin applicant, rather than as a drink. Dried sarsaparilla roots are brewed in hot water for ten minutes, before the tea is strained and used.

Sage, lemon balm and red clover as well as passionflower brewed into a tea is perfect for women who need their properties. Pour freshly boiled over teaspoons of these herbs. Make sure to use equal portions of these herbs, which is a teaspoon each. Let the tea be extracted for a few minutes. If desired, add honey before consumption.

For those who require more complete treatment, there are holistic health practitioners. These practitioners are able to use a wide range of natural remedies for hot flashes in their methods. The therapeutic properties of nature afford us the benefits of complete return to health without putting our physiological make up through a compromised state.

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