Organic vegetation A way to a Natural lifestyle

Healthy Grown Potatoes are a concept which was started by few potato farmers from Wisconsin state in the Northern Central USA. The concept was begun during the early Nineties.

The potatoes are naturally grown with minimal use of pesticides and chemicals and follow the norms put forth by Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a pest control management that is not only environmentally friendly but also makes use of the simple common practice of vegetable farming. IPM guarantees that the farming is done using natural growth with minimum pesticides that does not cause any harm to property, people or the environment.

The program is examined by The University of Wisconsin, World Wildlife Fund, The Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association and other environmental friendly groups like The Defenders of Wildlife, The International Crane Foundation etc. All the groups have been together for more than 10 years with just one aim – protect environment & follow natural farming practices.

After their collaboration, the organization was successful in removing toxic from crops at an alarming rate of 37%, that too was achieved within 3 year period winning them appreciation & certification from Healthy Grown Program.

The main aim of the program is to produce healthy and reliable food. Healthy Grown Potatoes follow this norm strictly and ensure that customers enjoy a healthy lifestyle free from any illness.

Whoever wishes to enjoy a healthy lifestyle must purchase Wisconsin’s Healthy Potatoes. These vegetables are not only healthy but also reasonably priced. Moreover, the vegetables remain fresh for a longer period unlike the other unhealthy way of potato plantation.

Such vegetations are also known as organic foods. If you go back, about 30 years ago, all vegetables and fruits were grown the natural way with minimum use of chemical and pesticides unlike the way it is grown today.

If you see today, every farmer will use pesticides, chemicals and also injections to make the vegetables bloom faster which will allow them to make more money with fewer efforts. In the bargain, the vegetables loose its nutrition and can be harmful to human health. It is therefore advised to buy natural vegetable such as organic foods which uses much reduced pesticide.

Jon Hendricks frequently writes about organic and healthy lifestyles. Learn more about healthy grown potatoes using reduced pesticide .

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