Polyrhachis Ants: Health Benefits and Growing Commercial Availability

Polyrhachis ants increasing popularity and the ongoing advancement of technology in the production capacities of makers that are manufacturing Polyrhachis extract worldwide have extremely increased the marketing desirability and availability of the herbal ants. People from all around the world are now mindful of its health benefits and are using it to stop illnesses from arising or in the handling of a few health Problems.

The extract from Polyrhachis Vicina Roger, which is often called as the Chinese Black Mountain Ant, has been approved by China Ministry of Public Health as the only specie of ant to be utilized as nutritive supplement. Prior to its formal recognition as natural medicine, the ants were already utilised for centuries in relieving swelling, enhancing the general health, treatment of joint pains and was also used even in the ancient times as an ageing defying tonic.

Infirmaries and dispensaries in China have convincing proof the ants can also treat rheumatoid arthritis. This is the basis why it is utilized in the handling of osseous rheumatism, lengthened rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Studies conducted with animal show that Polyrhachis ants can relieve agony and have an inflammatory effect that can be matched against that of NSAIDs and steroid without the malignancy of the drugs and its side effects.

In another experiment reported to BBC, Polyrhachis ants have been noticed to own the ability of prolonging life of not only humans but also on animals like rats. The efficiency is attributed to the undeniable fact that the ant has 8 to 13 times more proteins compared to the common milk or different sources like pork, duck, chicken, mutton and fish. Moreso, the ants are extremely rich in several nutrient elements like B Vitamins as well as vitamin D and E. It also has 42 percent of protein and contains necessary amino acids that have active substance and enzymes. Its ATP component provides direct energy to human body.

Additionally, Polyrhachis ants can extend the DNA and RNA of human cells. The result's the setback of getting older thru renewed and revived cells and tissues of the body. The ants have high elements of 20 trace elements that includes selenium, calcium, zinc and phosphorous.

Polyrhachis ants have zinc element is thought to be the highest of all living organisms. Each ant has about 180 mg of zinc found on its body. Zinc in Polyrhachis ants is among the most crucial elements that support body processes.

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