Product Review Of The Sanyo DR 7700KU Massage Chair Recliner

Some of the newest massage chairs are now offering a zero gravity position. Sanyo has developed the DR 7700 massage chair which features zero gravity position. There are also a host of other advanced features in the Sanyo DR 7700 massage chair.

Many people are not familiar with what zero gravity means in respect to recliners. Although the technology is advanced, you will not be weightless in the chair. Instead, zero gravity refers to a position developed by NASA for launching astronauts in rockets.

When astronauts are launched into space, their bodies need to absorb many forces. NASA had found that by reclining the astronauts on their back during takeoff helped them better distribute the weight of their body and absorb these tremendous forces.

Manufacturers of recliners have now started to integrate a zero gravity position to into their chairs. Sanyo has incorporated a zero gravity position into their DR 7700 recliner. This helps to better distribute the weight of your back rather than concentrating on your spine.

There are many new technologies being made in this recliner. There is a physical shape sensor which measures movements or changes in your body position during the massage. You also will find a stress sensor system which detects areas of tension and tightness in your body.

The stiffness detection sensor helps to identify where stress reside in your back. The user must hold their hand over a mouse like device. This measures your heart rate and perspiration. This information is then used to determine where stress is residing in your body.

There is also a physical body shape sensor. If you move during the course of the massage, this sensor determines that and redirects the massage is to your position. This is a great way to get a custom massage even as you move in the recliner.

One of the easy ways to enjoy a massage is with an automatic full body massage. There are five preprogrammed massages contained in this recliner. Simply push one button and you will receive a full body massage of your choosing.

This recliner also comes with motorized controls for the chair back and the leg rest. You can adjust the angle of the chair back and also the angle of the leg rest. Simply push the button and recline to the angle that is most comfortable for you.

There are five manual massage techniques contained in this recliner. Manual massage techniques allow you to choose one type of massage movement and determine where you would like to apply it. If you have stiffness in the shoulders, then you could select a massage just in the shoulder area. This allows you to target trouble spots as they arise.

You will also find an air compression massage in this recliner. Specially designed airbags are used to squeeze, hold and release the larger muscles of the body. Air compression massage covers the buttocks, thighs, calves and feet.

As you can see, there are quite a number of advanced electronic features in the Sanyo DR 7700. This recliner provides you with a combination of 83 manual massage courses. The five automatic massage programs give you a variety of programs to fit a number of different needs. If you are checking out massage recliners, then you should try the Sanyo DR 7700 massage chair.

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