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In this juicers reviews, we will detail all the Green Power juicers, so you will be informed on which one of the Green Power juicers you might purchase. We will start out with the KPE 1304 model in this review.

The first model of the Green Power Juicers is the KPE 1304, which is produces quality juice from leafy green and fresh fruits in a short period of time. You will get all of the essential enzymes and nutritional values because of the magnetic and bio-ceramic materials that make up this juicer. This also means that there is less oxidation form juice made from this juicer, that will keep your juice fresh for up to 72 hours.

The KPE 1304 does not clog very easily, which means you get continuous juicing. The KPE has a large feeding tube, which reduces the prep time needed before juicing, because less produce needs chopping. The KPE 1304 is also light weight and cleans up very easily.

Next in line of our juicers reviews is the BPT 1303 model. This juicer has all the features of all Green Power juicers, but this specific model has additional features. The GPT 1303 comes with Jang twin gears that allows for the generation of positive ions that will increase the shelf life of the healthy minerals and enzymes in your juice.

the generation of positive ions, which will increase the shelf life of the healthy minerals and enzymes in your juice.

Just like the other Green Power juicers, the GP1503 model is equipped with twin gear technology plus embedded with bio-ceramic and magnetic materials to preserve the nutritional values of your juices. It weights 32 lbs, works through a speed of 110 rpm with lesser noise, automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and to avoid clogging, and a reverse turning system for safety.

The GP1503 juicer is designed with a convenient handle and easy-to-assemble parts. Clean up is real easy after juicing.

The last of the Green Power juicers is the GPT-E1305 model. This juicer has all the features that the other Green Power juicers have, and comes with a quick release locking system that is made of stainless steel.

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