Reliable Juicer Ratings – Green Star Juicer

In this juicers reviews we will review the Green Star juicer line. These are masticating juicers equipped with the latest juicing technologies. There are many different models so we will review every Green Star juicer so you can choose which one will fit into your lifestyle.

The first in our juicers reviews of a Green Star juicer is the GS-1000 juice extractor. Comes with 110v and has twin gears made of stainless steel, which allows for continuous cleaning because of less clogging, and is easy when cleaning up. This Green Star juicer model has bio-ceramic and magnets integrated within the gears that will help preserve healthy minerals and enzymes in your juice. The gears work at lower speeds that creates less oxidation of the important nutrients because of lower heat transfer.

The Green Star GS-1000 Juicer is great not only from extracting juices from herbs, veggies, and fruits but also processing foods such as baby foods, nut butters, sauces, fruit desserts and a whole lot more. It is also designed with a homogenizing screen to make extracting and food processing more convenient.

The next Green Star juicer in our juicers reviews is the GS-2000. This has all the features of the GS-1000 and a coarse screen, strainer and a drip tray. The extractor works quietly at 110 rpm with a powerful motor, so early morning juicing will not wake up the other members of the family. A three way switch makes it easier to turn it off or on.

The GS-2000, like most other Green Star models comes with a plastic plunger, wooden plunger, coarse screen, fine screen, homogenizing blank, cleaning brush and a glass pitcher.

One of the latest innovations of the Green Star Juicers is the GSE-5000 Elite Juice Extractor. The 110V model juicer has an edge over the other models because it is designed with four screens to allow versatility as well as convenience in juicing. It also has a coarse screen to create juice from fresh produce mixed with more pulps, bread stick maker setting so that you can enjoy making your own rice cakes and bread sticks, fine screen to lessen pulps from juicing, and a homogenizing blank to process your foods.

Another in our juicers reviews of the Green Star juicer line is the GS-3000. This model comes with a bread maker and pasta maker so you can do more than just make juice. This Green Star juice has 190 watts to juice most any fruit or vegetable and comes with all the accessories you see in almost every Green Star juicer.

The last Green Star juicer in our juicers reviews is the E1503, which is bigger and weighs more than any other in the Green Star juicer line. This juicer comes three sets of pasta makers, fettuccini, angel hair and spaghetti.

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