Review Of The Omega M-2 Orion Massage Chair Recliner

Many people think that massage chairs are really expensive items only for the rich and famous. There certainly is a high-end of the market with luxury massage chairs. These luxury massage chairs incorporate numerous functions and features to provide effective massage therapy. However, there are full body massage chairs available starting at just under $1000. I would like to draw your attention to the best in class the M-2 Orion massage chair by Omega Massage.

The Orion massage chair provides massage coverage from your neck to your feet. It offers a wide range of different massage techniques to provide relief. Whether it is the invigorating massage heads built into the seat or the sway massage for loosening your back, the Orion massage chair delivers.

The Orion massage chair is handsomely designed and will fit in the decoration of most households. It has padded armrests which are slightly curved to better support your arms. It is a fairly plush massage chair for an entry level model.

Most people who have looked at massage chairs on the lower end of the range are familiar with ijoy’s. In ijoy chair is one that has a contemporary style in only comes with a back massage. It’s design is such that it sits very low to the ground and some people have complained that it is hard to leave the chair after receiving a massage.

The Orion massage chair has the most complete set of massage features for under $1000. The massage is also very invigorating. The rollers perform a number of different massages which are very effective in loosening up tight muscles in the back and shoulders.

One of my favorite manual massage techniques with the Orion massage chair is the sway massage. This way massage is a side to side motion. This movement is very effective in loosening up the larger muscles of the back.

There are three automatic programs included in the M-2 massage chair. These timed massages are five minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes in duration. They run the entire massage chair providing a full body massage.

The Orion massage chair also comes with a negative ion feature. This new technology is used to create a rise in the density of oxygen. As you get your massage, stagnant air will accumulate around your body. The negative ion helps to push fresh air around your body for a healthier massage.

In order to accommodate taller people and to allow targeting of the legs, the M2 comes with an extendable leg rest. Use the lever to extend the leg rest an extra 3 inches. Adjust the leg rest to better position it for a targeted calf or foot massage.

The Orion massage chair also comes with three manual massage courses. You can select from overall massage, upper back and waist. This enables you to select a massage technique and let it repeat in a specific area. You may also use the up and down arrows to pinpoint a particular spot for relief.

If you have looked at many of the entry level massage chairs, then you will simply find that the Orion massage chair is unbeatable in its class. It is a full massage chair delivering full body massage treatments.

Massage chairs do not have to cost thousands and thousands of dollars. You can get an effective massage chair with the and to Orion massage chair. The massage therapy is very invigorating with the sway massage and the kneading massage. Both of these provide great relief for tight muscles in the neck, back and shoulders. See how the M-2 Orion massage chair can effectively relieve your tension and provide you with relaxation.

The M-2 Orion Massage Chair is the best massage chair in its range. You will not find a better massage therapy chair than the Orion Massage Chair. Find out more regarding the M-2 massage chair and all of the Omega Massage chair product line at Massage Unlimited.

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