Secrets And Tips On Simple Facts About The Darkest Self Tanner Products

Are the darkest self tanner products really what we need to help us display a good healthy looking tan? Do the many products on the market fall short of our expectations? Is that the real reason why many people still choose to ignore all the many health warnings about skin cancer and the dangers of sunbathing?

The problem with finding good self tan products is that what works for one person, may not be as effective on someone else. The results should be much the same but there are several factors that can affect the results. Having a look at some of the poorer results helps users to know they dos and do not of using tanning products.

Always read the instructions carefully so you know what you need to do and what else you need to buy. Check the ingredients to ensure there is nothing that can cause an allergic reaction. Make sure that the product is recommended for use on your skin type and natural coloring. If your skin is normally very white, and you purchase the darkest self tanner on the shelf, the results may be disastrous. It is better to build the tan gradually to achieve the best results.

Test the product on a hidden patch of skin a good number of hours before using on the rest of the body. This allows time for any reaction to the product to show up. It gives the product time to develop and should provide a good indication of what the result will be when applied to the rest of the body.

A successful test also allows the user to see how difficult or easy it is to use the product. They can tone down the end color if it is very dark, is streaky or looks too orange by adding some body lotion. Adding lotion should also make the tanning solution easier to apply.

Making sure that all dry skin has been removed by exfoliating then washing and drying it helps to prevent streaks. Extra attention needs to be given to the elbows, knees and other joints when exfoliating to ensure an even tan. If streaks do appear, using a piece of lemon or some toner on cotton wool to dab the streaks helps to reduce their appearance by removing some of the color.

Always allow sufficient time for the tan product to dry properly. Dressing too quickly can result in clothing being stained and can cause streaky patches on the tan. If the product contains a bronzer in the ingredients list, it can be rubbed off or washed off very easily. Never have a shower or bath within a few hours of applying a tanning product. Do not apply the product shortly before going to bed or bedclothes could become badly stained.

There are several products that are specifically for use on the face. Even they should never be used near the eyes for safety. Not all tanning products, especially the darkest tanning products, are suitable to be used on the face.

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